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Monday, September 3, 2012

August 14- September 2

August 14: Weebotics
A video:

August 15: This was a pretty full day. We first dropped JR off at the office, and then headed to G's physical. They made him wear a funny paper robe. 

He passed with flying colors!  He is a little above 50% in height and a little under 50% in weight with a BMI of around 13%.

Since we were out and about we had Chick-fil-A for lunch.  Then I surprised the  kids by taking them to a store to play with puppies.
We fell in love with this little miniature schnauzer boy.  He was PERFECT.  (but the timing and price are not)

After playing with puppies, Naomi and I dropped G off at Weebotics and ran some more errands.  Like ALWAYS she fell asleep on the way...
The two of us went to the fabric store and admired all the lovely fabrics, colors, and textures, and day-dreamed about what fabrics would be good for what projects.  Naomi was very focused on fabrics for a mermaid tail. :)

Then, since we had about 20 min. until we needed to pick up Gideon, we stopped at Rita's.  It was SUPPOSED to be our secret, but as soon as we saw G, she spilled the whole story!

August 16: Weebotics again...

August 17: JR was invited to golf with Fred, Mark Gibson, and Paul Wert.  Despite the fact that he only plays about once every 18 months, he was pleased he did not embarrass himself. ;)

The kids and I stopped by and played with the puppy again.
 It had "the face".

And Gideon had more Weebotics...

This is his friend, Will.

August 18:
An unusually busy Saturday awaited us.  We helped the McCains prep and paint two big rooms in their house.  They have been graciously allowing me to help redesign their home.  I love being able to see my vision come to life, and {thankfully} they love the way it turned out!

I did take a time-out from painting to do an ordering session.  It feels good to work and be productive outside of the home.

And the evening wrapped up with a cookout with Fred and Teresa that was enjoyed on the back deck.

August 19:
Kelli's b-day... her present was on it's way to me, but I didn't want to tell her her gift until I could send a photo of it.  (I know... I'm mean.)

We tried out a new Tex-Mex place after church service.  It was pretty good, but I don't know that we'll make a point to go back.

August 20:
Monday... so I probably did laundry.  But in the evening, while we were eating dinner it started to sprinkle.  G and N decided they wanted to play outside in it.  So, I locked them outside while I did dishes. ;)

August 21: K's gift came in!!!
 And, to help G get more excited about going to school, I took him to the school playground.  (My plan worked!)

August 22: JR taught at Falls Church.  Before the lesson, the kids kept themselves busy with Legos:

Here's JR teaching... (iPads are great for reading your Bible and snapping photos of the teacher simultaneously.)

Naomi was very proud of her creation.

 August 23:
The family had a FAMILY NIGHT!  We ate dinner at Buffalo Wing Factory.  The kids really enjoyed the food they got, and JR and I were not terribly disappointed that they got our order wrong.  We had a great meal together.  Then we walked down the shopping center to the Petco and without much thought at all we got fish.  The kids each picked out a Beta fish and tank.

Upon arriving at home, we noticed the electricity was out.  The water company was doing work on something and cut our electricity and our internet. :(

JR and I got the fish tanks all set up in the dark in preparation for the kids putting their fish in their new homes the next morning.

August 24: 
Our electricity was back! (but still no internet)

We gathered the kids in the kitchen to get the fish settled.

 Gideon named his fish:   Water Ninja  (an homage to his first fish:  Water)

Naomi named her fish:  Rainbow.

We loaded up the car and took JR to work.  On the way, my mom called and told me that my long-time friend, Michael Woodall had died in a car accident.

I was pretty emotional the rest of the day.  However, I got to talk to my children about how we grieve differently from those who don't know God.  I was crying "happy tears" as I rejoiced with Micheal.  And I was overwhelmed with God's Grace.

The kids and I ran errands at the mall (which had wifi which I checked after lunch).  (We still didn't have internet at the house.)  But getting on fb in a mall on the day most of your friends are noting the passing of a friend... not a great idea. :)

While at the mall, I exchanged a pair of jeans for Naomi.  Who would have thought that my "big baby"... the child that wore 2t clothing at 9 months, would now be wearing 5T Slim Skinny fit... and they aren't too tight!

That evening, JR went out with the worship minister here, Sam Souder.  From all accounts they had a good time.

August 25:
JCPenney Salons give free haircuts to school kids in August!  So we took advantage.

I DIDN'T tell her to pose like this! :)

And would you believe... I forgot to take the "After" shots!?

August 26:
After church service, we tried out a new tex-mex place.

August 27:
We started getting ready for the week... laundry, playing, tv, playing, laundry, ect...

August 28:
Since TN does not require homeschool records for Kindergarten, the school G will be going to had to assess him to see "IF" they would allow him to go into first grade.  So we took him in for his assessment and to register him.  The whole family was there.

The teacher said they would be gone about 20 minutes.  45 minutes later they finally returned and were really cryptic.

So we asked G how the test went.  He said he had no trouble with the book she had him read.  I asked if he got to show off his "mad sounding-out skills" and he said that he didn't need to sound out any words.  (Good so far.)  I then asked if she asked him about math.  She asked him to write some numbers and he said, with obvious pride, that he showed her his "Thunder Numbers".  (JR's stomach visibly sank.)  Upon probing in to what "Thunder Numbers" are, we discovered that they are scribbles when he doesn't want to write numbers.  ("Oh, No!" we thought.)  But he said he wrote real numbers too.

And we waited for the verdict.

August 29: 
Our family is really excited that we got to shop for the Magi Project with FXCC this year! These gifts will go to children in the Dominican Republic.  The kids each picked out a "kid" to shop for.  Big surprise, but they picked kids in their gender and age bracket.  Shopping was really fun, and they did great at remembering we were getting items for OTHER children. ;)

We found out that Gideon PASSED, so after picking up JR from the office, we dropped by to see his newly posted class list.
Kel, I figured you'd like the list of names. :)

(because of the brightness I put my glasses on him... he does NOT usually wear these)

August 30: Open House, Bigham
Gideon's Open House!!!  We got to meet his teachers and see his classroom.  (Which is good, since when we drop him off, we can't come in the building.)

 This is his teacher:  Miss Kennard

 The library looks "good". :)
 I turned around and N had grabbed a book about Ancient Egypt and was looking at it quietly at a table.
This is G's music teacher.  (I can't remember her name.)

 P.E. teacher...

Naomi's been rocking her Movie Star glasses...
 Here comes her TRUE face(s):

After G's Open House, we went to Lyle and Pansy Bigham's home for dinner.  This home is where JR and I officially met. ;)  On the way there, G and N both mentioned how weird it was going to be to be at "Oma and Opa's House" without Simon and Rachel.  (I love how my kids call their cousins grandparents Oma and Opa.)

We roasted hot-dogs and enjoyed our visit.

August 31:
"Ms." Teresa had a birthday party here at the house.  To help prepare, I finished painting the office they had started and then got to enjoy all the extra people at the house.

The McCains are  a great example of laid-back, fun hospitality.  We are really blessed by them.

September 1:
JR got up early to help his old roommate, Andy, move into his new home.  The rest of us were fairly laid-back.  I cut out all the pieces to recover a couch.  (I'm sure I'll have before and after photos in this next week's recap.)

JR and I planned to go on a date.  I thought we were going to watch the new Bourne movie, but as I thought we were heading to Tysons Corner, JR asked me to pull out the directions from the glove compartment.  But instead of directions, there were tickets to 'The King and I" at the WolfTrap!!!

My husband surprised me with musical theater tickets!  The Wolftrap is an outdoor amphitheater.  It was really cool!  (And I'd totally forgotten that Siam is now Thailand!  The show is set in Bangkok!)

September 2: Magi boxes, my fish, and G date
This morning began early for me as I had praise team duties.  Also, since we were packing up the Magi boxes, I brought my camera.

 "Ms." Teresa helped Naomi.

 I caught Naomi playing with Reid and Cole.  G was running so fast with Kennedy and Taylor that I couldn't catch him!

After lunch, I got a fish while the kids got "decorations" for their fish tanks.
 I couldn't find a tank at Petco that I liked, so I ran to Ross and found this!  I love it.  And my fish is named:  Herndon. :)

JR and I had nap-time (bliss!), and then G and I had a date.

We were supposed to hit up the Lego store, but typical me... I didn't find the store.  So we made the best of it and just enjoyed each other's company.  G said, "this is the best date ever!"  I love my boy!

This next week is big for us:  both kids start school 5  days a week... away from me.

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