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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of First Grade {Gideon}

Another milestone...

Yesterday (after losing his flip-flops) I agreed to let G wear his "first day of school shoes".  Well, it turns out that his high arches made the shoes REALLY tight on his feet.  So, I did "surgery" on them.  But when he put them on this morning, he discovered that they were too big.  But he literally had no other shoes to wear.  So I grabbed laces from other shoes and put laces in his shoes that were designed to be worn without any. ;)  Crisis averted.

He was really excited to start school as a Crossfield Rocket!

Notice how Naomi is sabotaging the photos.

want Gideon to be at school without her.

He even invited her to come along.  (we had to explain that we couldn't do that)

I love how they love each other!

We thought that we were going to have to drop him off at the main door.  (since that is what they told us on Thursday)  However, we were allowed inside, where we waited for about 5-10 min. until we were able to walk G to his door.

Gideon's first response to this news was, "Come on, Naomi, here's a place where we can play!"

Then we walked him down the hallway to his class...
And dropped him off...
(his teacher, like JR's teachers in Hawaii, leied him)

Naomi refused to hug Gideon or say good-bye.  (She told me later that it was because she didn't want to cry.  And she already was talking about missing him by the time we got to the car.)  

I could tell he was excited because he didn't come back and hug and kiss us "one last time".

JR teared up in the car as we left, full of pride in the boy Gideon is, and the man of God he is growing to be.

We are very proud of our first grader!
 When Naomi and I picked him up, the first words out of his mouth were, 
"I made a friend!"

Gideon had a great first day.  He loved the cafeteria the most.  However, he enjoyed music class and getting to know Cole.  Apparently he also calmed down a kid who was throwing a temper tantrum because the kid was the "caboose".  G said that he calmed him down by reminding him about the reward system they just learned about. :) 

I love how he reaches out to people, even when they are being un-lovely.  He is an awesome kid.
(this is his "it's too bright, Momma!" face)
~ One Proud Momma

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