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Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Fish Named Water: G's 26th Monthabirthday

Today is G's 26th monthabirthday. His language is continuing to explode. He's an amazing little kid.

But the new feature in our home is our new fish tank. (Including fish)

Yesterday JR said that he wanted to "go and price things out" for a fish tank. We went to 4 different places, chose several different fish, went home, and the out again. Finally, around 7:45 we were the proud owners of a new fish. (Since I'm using JR's work computer to get internet access, I am not taking the time to upload a picture of our actual fish. Instead I found a picture of the kind of fish on the internet.)

(Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami)

We let Gideon name him. The story goes like this:

Momma: G, what do you want to name our fish?
Gideon: CARS!!! (waiting a beat) Noooo. :) (thinking) Purple.
Momma: Gideon, I'm not calling a blue and orange fish "Purple."
JR: What about Malachi, Mathias, (name after name)
Gideon: (to every name) Nooo. :)

JR ran into Publix to grab some spring water.

Momma: Ok, if you don't like any of the names we've suggested, what do YOU want to name our fish?
Gideon: Daddy! ... Nooo... NONNIE!!!
Momma: We already have a "Nonnie".
Gideon: "Wah-wah".
Momma: Water?
Gideon: Uh-yeah, Wah-wah. "Puppy"?... No. Wah-wah.
Momma: What about Walter?
Gideon: No, Momma. Wah-wah.
Momma: Ok, but you tell Daddy when he gets back to the car what the fish's name is.

So, we have a fish named Water.

And today JR went and got another fish (a black Mollie) and 2 Ghost Shrimp (which we have named Hoover and Dyson, since they clean up the tank).


Deborah said...

Hoover and Dyson! That is hilarious.

When Joshua got old enough to start "riding" his stick horse, I asked him what its name was, and he said, "Home Depot!"

Tiffany said...

He's practical and to the point -- I like it! Welcome to the Sheets clan, Water.

Nicole McIntyre said...

Water is a great name! Very creative and descriptive....