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Monday, August 13, 2012

August 1-Aug. 13, 2012

August 1 was the day we had to say good-bye to Brent, Kelli, Rachel, and Simon.  We met them for breakfast.
We miss them a lot.  And not a day goes by that G or N lament not being able to play with their cousins.

Right after breakfast, I had a newborn family session.

August 2:
Naomi turned 4.5!  She is very "grown up" now. (in her own eyes)  She can now fasten her own seat belt... "because she's 4.5".  And a whole host of other things.

August 3:
I have no recollection of this Friday.

August 4:  JR and I went on a date to Sweetwater Tavern.  YUMMM!

August 5:  JR taught the highschool boys again in the morning.  I believe everyone but Gideon napped in the afternoon.

August 6:  ART CAMP!!!
I snapped this photo right after G finished hugging N.  They were walking wrapped around each other in anticipation of missing each other "all day".
Gideon and JR had a hard time leaving Naomi at Art Camp.  Naomi was brave.

She had a blast!  I'll get to her work on "Friday"

While she was at camp, G and I reviewed Kindergarten to get him ready for his August 28th interview for 1st grade.  (The beginning of the week was really frustrating and disheartening as G had forgotten how to make his brain concentrate.)

August 7: 
Naomi insisted on wearing her "Kindergarten Rocks" shirt that she got as a hand-me-down from Rachel.  Since N will (probably) never be in Kindergarten, I let her wear it.

That night, we let the kids fall asleep in our bed.  This is how we found them.

August 8:
Naomi had another day of Art Camp, G and I did more reviews...
The kids lunch: salmon&strawberry salad with lemon/poppy seed vinaigrette... Would have been even better with coconut flakes! In this moment, I feel like a rockstar mom. (that buys me more mindless Internet time, right?)

At church, the interns were being "sent off" with hot dogs and a cook-out, which the whole family enjoyed.  We stayed for the "Joyful Noise" concert.  Then I had praise-team practice.

August 9:
G threw a paper airplane down the staircase, so N followed suit.... but with her beloved blanket
But, blanket got stuck on the chandelier!
She was devastated.
By the time I got there, G was trying to get it off with a green light saber.

August 10:  (My Mimi's 88th birthday would've been today.)
Naomi's art class had an "art show" to display what they did in class.  Here's the run down...

 Magic Mermaid Doodles-- using forms to create sculpture (with Model Magic)

 Mexican Tin Art Doodle-- Learning about embossing and traditional Mexican art form

This is supposed to be a goblet.  But Naomi didn't know what a goblet was, so her brain heard "goblin"... which (I guess) explains why her "goblet" has a face.  :)

 This is the "puppy" she made the first day.

 Homer Doodle-- Exploring a beach scene in Winslow Homer style.

Arpilleras Doodle-- Inspired by cloth pictures from Peru and learning to use texture to tell a story
 a "girl pirate"
Bryant Doodle-- Learning about basic drawing and the principle of Unity

 She has to draw on every available surface.  (this is the back of the girl pirate)

 Bearden Doodles-- inspired by paint and collage art of Romare Bearden

Norval Morrisseau Doodle-- Inspired by Norval Morrisseau and the element Biomorphic Shape
 Pirate Map Doodle-- using free form shapes to make maps

 Showing off her gallery of work.

 (just showing off...) ;)

 these are things she drew in her free time in class...

After we hung N's art up on our walls at home, we made some s'mores ice cream (no special equipment needed).  

August 11:
When G tried the ice cream we made, he said, "It's irresistible... whatever that means!"

We got work done around the house.

(I forgot to mention that the basement flooded again and it was the plumbing, not the aircon... so, there were unpleasant issues we dealt with over the week, but things are fairly fixed now.) ;)

August 12:  
I sang on the praise team, then we headed to the "newcommers" class.  JR and I were given books with access codes for personality tests.  So last night we took them.  It NAILED me, and JR's was on target except for one area.  It was really neat to work through this together.

August 13:
Gideon started "Weebotics" camp today.  
This is where we left him.  

Naomi and I dropped JR back off at the building and then headed to Target.  Last week Naomi told me and Teresa (the woman we are living with) that she wants to be an interior decorator when she grows up.  And since we are "helping" the McCains re-vamp their decor, we played Interior Decorator.  It was tons of fun.  :)

Then we went to pick G up.
He didn't even realize we were there.
Here he is with the airplane he made.  Notice that it is attached to the computer.
He had a great time.  AND... he remembered the name of the friend he made. :)

We spent the rest of the day doin' what we do. :)


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Anonymous said...

The GBs enjoyed N. and G. We can see that N. is in her element when she is creating art. We like the goblet with the face,and the colors were pleasing.The puppy dog had good form. Her free hand work told a story with the sunshine over the houses and g-grandpa like the fish in the water.

The making of an airplane out of legos attached to a computer which G. did is over our heads we came from the age before TV. We are proud of you G.

Thanks so much for sharing. We love you all.