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Thursday, December 5, 2013

{October} … Minus the European trip… ;)

Back in Scotland…

Annie and Tanja taught the kids' Bible class.

They let Gideon fashion LEGOs as a teaching tool.

This is G's LEGO interpretation of the Resurrection. ;)

Breast Cancer Awareness ("wear pink") day at school.  G has no pink, thankyouverymuch… so he wore red with a pink ribbon. ;)

I have perfected my SUPER EASY Chicken Pot Pie… and I got a little creative with the pastry. ;)

Piper continues to grow into her role as beloved pet.

G had a big match one Saturday morning.  
As usual, Naomi keeps herself occupied with her art.

We got this note from N… 

His "tough guy" face...

Her "sweet face"...

Typical living room scene for this season of our lives… JR and G duking it out on Wii Sports while Naomi drinks a beverage from a straw and builds LEGOs.

One Wednesday night when Annie and Tanja had their cameras…

Naomi and Gideon were warming up the microphones by reciting scripture.  Naomi also did some spontaneous preaching. :)

The last 10 days of Annie and Tanja's stay, we made sure we crammed in as much as we could.  Once morning we woke up WAY before the sun and headed to the...

Jackie McLean, everybody!

There were over 5,000 fish that morning!

Jonny Coul was our official tour-guide, but we were joined by Jackie and Alec Shoney as well.

This is a lovely look, huh? ;)
We also toured the ship yards.  These will all be rebuilt soon.

And here is where we took our tea (at like 7 am) after our tour.  

I also accompanied the girls to Haddo House.  Every week I head there to be part of a choir, but I had never toured the house.  When we went it was cold and rainy, so we don't have photos outside, and we weren't allowed to take them inside.  But here's a link to the site, so you can see what we saw. ;)

JR took the girls back out to the Bullers of Buchan and Slains Castle for one last visit.

Meanwhile, I snapped a shot of my kids in shirts they were sent by Debby, so that Great Grandpa Gene and Great Grandma Judy could have a photo of all of the Ramaker-side great-grands in matching shirts.

And Naomi and I had another painting day.  We scroll though the board I have for her on Pinterest to get inspiration and then we start our projects.  This day, we decided to do birds. :)
The final product.  I did 2 and N did 2.

And we have her art displayed on her walls around her bed. :)

I intend to have a separate post of our Christmas card shots, but here is where I pulled our outfits together.

Another care package arrived from the Busbys!  We all had favourites in here!

But this was JR's fave… :)

Every Wednesday night, after Bible class, JR plays "fitba" with the young men.  This night, G joined him.

Oh, boy, am I in trouble already.  You see, Naomi likes to decorate and coordinate things.  So… I let her design her own beds on the Pottery Barn websites.  

Well… apparently, she has already mastered the "selfie".  She turned on my Photo Booth and took these shots.  I didn't find them for a few days.  But they crack me up!  Her faces… G moving back and forth from the couch… Ah… my quine!

This one ^ is my favourite!

This is the aftermath of a successful "Play Night".  (Yes, this concept is still rocking for us!)

Having no fabric stores in the area lead me to be resourceful. 
This is the before photo of Naomi's non-fairy-princess butterfly costume.

Here is the hand-sewn after photo...

And here is why I do it. :)

Another care package!  And this one had clothing for me from Old Navy!  (I love my Mother-in-Law!)

Our friends, Rachel and Thomas Dickie welcomed a beautiful son, Tyler John, into the world.  We went to hospital to meet him.

It made us both "broody".  (wanting another)

And that brings us up to Halloween.

G is one of the Minecraft guys.

Here you have to perform to get a treat.  G quoted Psalm 1

Here is the kids with their haul.  Halloween was very different here.  We drove to houses of people we knew instead of walking neighbourhoods… but… (and this made the kids chuffed) they got money at a lot of houses!  :)

And that wraps up October… except for our Roman Holiday and our family photos… They are coming. :)

***I just found some October photos from JR's iPad!***

Gideon's LEGO "epic battles"

What JR loves most about this drawing Naomi did, is that she drew the sister she doesn't have on a note to Gideon!

JR and Jackie spent some time with the lawn bowlers. :)

One night we found Naomi "snuggling" with the wall...

We enjoyed a birthday party for Emily Butters at Hoodles.

We have started a Wednesday night tradition of eating Fish-n-chips from our favourite chippy:  Clerkhill Fish Bar.

 (even the Lord agrees that this place is special) ;)

JR got tickets for the USA/Scotland game.

Ok… now on to the Italy photos…

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