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Thursday, December 5, 2013

{Italy} Photo Round-up

Here's the loosely organised photos of our time in Rome, folks!

Here we are in Aberdeen airport about to head out on our first "real" vacation since our honeymoon!

We arrived in Rome!

Our B&B owner picked us up from the train station and showed us all around Rome, took us to his favourite piazza for dinner, and was all-around awesome!  Our 2 favourite quotes from our time in Italy came from Alessandro:

1.  "To italians, food is like sex… it's… an EMOTION!" (upon our arrival)

2.  "You didn't visit Rome.  You LIVED Rome!"  (upon our departure)

Our first introduction to Piazza di S. maria in Trastevere… We came back here EVERY EVENING! :)

 Gelati!!!  (fraggola e limone)

We wizzed by some of the more famous landmarks of Rome.  We didn't pressure ourselves to do all the touristy things… we did what we wanted to do. ;)

This art store was amazing!  I had forgotten how inspiring (art-wise) Italy is!  I bought a sketch book to draw the places we saw.

These street "performers" freaked me out!

These are taken outside of the catacombs… We couldn't take any inside.

 This is the flat we stayed in.  It was perfect (except for the mosquitos who ate me alive!)

We really enjoyed our time in Rome.  JR literally (the old definition of the word) ordered the same pizza at EVERY meal.  Every.  Meal.  

Most days we would see what we wanted to see, rest during the afternoon, and head back out to "our piazza" in the evenings.  My italian came back to me quickly.  (and JR's italian reminded me of "Phoebe" teaching "Joey" french) ;)

We had a long lay-over in Amsterdam, so we enjoyed walking along the river, stopping into cute pottery shops, and ordering the worst cappuccino I have ever tasted. ;)

I love the colour combinations in Amsterdam!  The warm charcoal greys and creams… accents of red geraniums!  And all the buildings are leaning into the streets!

So… 2 countries for the price of one!  Score!

Happy 8th Anniversary to us!



emily said...

FUNNNNNNN!!!! and now i wanna go to rome!!!
(much apologies for rarely commenting anymore… much love still!!)

Debra said...

Beautiful pictures. So glad you got to experiance Rome together.