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Thursday, December 5, 2013

{Family Portraits} 2013

We took these back in October so we could order our Christmas cards in November and get them sent off to the States at the beginning of December.  (this being on top of things is HARD)

Plus… we took advantage of having Annie and Tanja still with us to be the remote shutter release. ;)

We headed out to the North end of Peterhead and got started… but first, let me walk you through a self-family session… :S

First… making sure my camera is ready… and TEST SHOT:

I hooked a hottie, ladies and gentlemen… :)  (pardon me while I high-hive 16 yr. old Daisha who didn't think this was possible)

Load up car with kids, dog, extra camera people, and their outfit changes. ;)

Get to location.

Greet a new dog.

And get everyone ready to walk across the bridge and over to the beach…
 I love N in this ^ photo!

Now… Get the rest of the family set up and snap away!
 Note the goofing off by N?  ^

Now, I jump in and try to look like I'm part of the family (with the dog).

Rinse… repeat… and snap photos of the kids on the way to the next spot…

 (make sure to keep giving interesting prompts… "everyone look at Piper!")

All in all… we ended up with the shots we needed.  But, man!  would I love to be behind the camera and in front of it at the same time!

Here are the shots I took of Annie and Tanja
You will be able to see them if we are Facebook friends. ;)



Debra said...

hug hug hug hug!!!! and hug to Piper, too

Mission Scotland said...

I laughed right out loud at your "16 year old comment". Funny lady, and great pictures! Ours for Christmas cards was a selfie for 6 and I had a dang candy cane hanging out of my mouth.