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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

{November} In Pictures

I don't have any photos of JR's Celtics game, the USA/Scotland game, or the birthday party where G got a hard knock right in his teeth and lips that resulted in his current toothlessness… but I think I have most of the other major happenings. ;) (Oh, and NOT pictured are the shots I took of a family as a surprise.  Once those have been given, I'll post them here as well.)

Here we go!

We never tire of the changing view from our front windows.

The kids had an Open House at school.  I snapped some photos of their work.

 This is Gideon and his friend Josh.  Gideon told me Josh was "little, but very brave".

 ( I know he looks bored, but he was actually really excited to show us all his stuff… he just wanted to look cool for the photos.) ;)

Here is something Naomi wrote.  She got some sort of special recognition for this.

The teachers made a big book about their field trip to the light house.  I took photos of N's parts inside the book.

 As you can see… they are both really enjoying Meethill Primary!

 JR snapped this photo of Naomi one Saturday morning while she was watching Berenstein Bears. :)

 As I mentioned at the top, G had an accident involving a bouncy castle, Lewis's head, and G's front teeth going through his bottom lip at Emily and Jacob's birthday party.  Luckily, he needed to loose those top teeth anyway.  After about a week of bruised gums, the teeth started coming out.  Here's a snap of the first one gone.  He woke up with the tooth in his bed, not his head!

I love having a piano in the house.  Naomi likes to sit at it and compose little songs.

On Friday night, while Gideon was at fitba practice and JR was at Club, Naomi and I had another painting evening.

I have gotten out the old flannel graph for my Sunday morning class with my kids.  They LOVE it!

One night I went in to kiss the kids on my way to bed and couldn't find Naomi anywhere.  After searching, I found her curled up in the cubby at the bottom of her closet!

We don't really "do" Santa in our home, but G left this wish list on his pillow one evening.  (see the scrapes on his face… he slipped at school and got acquainted with the pavement)

Not to be out-done by Gideon, we found this on Naomi's bed the next night.

Number 2 through us for a loop.  What do YOU think she is asking for? :)
(apparently she wants BARBIES… not boobies, like we thought)


(but there was still school)

 Piper's first snow...

Another beautiful sunset as I picked the kids up from school one day.  (Yes… this is 3:30 in the afternoon.)

We got a letter asking what it is like to be a missionary from Braedon McIntyre.

Thanksgiving was REALLY different this year.  Since I am part of HHCOS, I was required to be in a rehearsal Thursday evening of the actual holiday.  So, we had our small family celebration the Saturday before.

It was NOT the same holiday at all.  :(  But, we will work on ways to get better at this. :)

Scruffy puppy...

...her first haircut...
Discipleship starts at home… here is a shot of a nightly Bible study.

Sing with me!… "All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth…"
Gideon ate an apple and a few minutes later I heard the dog chewing on something.  It turned out to be G's tooth.  He didn't even realise it was gone till I showed him the tooth!

One evening while I was making super (at 5pm), the kids got some of their energy out on their scooters…
(btw… G's arm is fine… that is a glove, a shin guard and a WonderWoman silver bracelet that is making up his super armour.) :)

And, Nov. 30 we went and got our tree!

(Kelli, I snapped a photo of these personalised cards because I know you like to see the different names in different countries.)

This was the kid's contribution to the Christmas decor…

Since we didn't have any lights yet, I didn't snap a photo of the tree.  It was just plain in November anyway.  But it smells wonderful!


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