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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Adventures of Gideon: Baptised--Chapter 1

I interrupt the monthly reporting with this important post:  Gideon put on Christ in baptism 22 September, 2013!!!

Gideon started talking about being baptised when he was 5.  We have been having conversations with him for years about how important this decision is.

Our friend, Jared King, worded it beautifully in an e-mail response when we informed some friends and family of Gideon's decision.  Jared wrote to Gideon:

I think of when I first met you at the grad school. You were just a little guy, full of energy and excited for life. You, like many kids at your age, were crazy, funny and often picked fights you knew you couldn't win (like the countless times you basically asked Kevin and I to pin you down, hold you upside down and tickle your feet til you burst!). But there was something about you that I saw from the moment I met you. At an age that most people don't think a child has the ability to understand and love the Lord, you did. It was nothing that you had to tell me. I could see it through the way you interacted with your friends, with adults, and by the things you said and talked about. I was impressed with your heart from day one.
Gideon, the first time your dad and I talked about you being baptized was when you were 5 years old. We talked about how many people didn't think that a 5 year old could understand what baptism was and why a person needs to be baptized. Your dad told me that he believed that you knew. You understood. Your life was showing fruit that many adult believers had never produced. And I believed your dad because I could see it in you myself. You are a man of God. Let that sink in...a man of God. I am so proud of you Gideon. But it doesn't matter as much that I am proud. Your father in Heaven is proud of you! He is filled with joy in the man you have become and will continue to develop into. My heart is bursting with joy Gideon. I am excited for the ways you are and will continue to impact the Kingdom of God. God is using you. And he will continue to use you to bring him Glory and Honor! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you. But know this...we will be celebrating with you in Nashville. Love you kid. 

Friday night as Gideon, Naomi, and I walked home from G's fitba practice, Naomi started talking about how wonderful Heaven will be and how she just wants to "hug Jesus forever and ever".  This prompted Gideon to talk about how sin separates us from God.  He told me that he was really worried about his sin, and that he constantly asks God to forgive him and not reject him.

So I asked Gideon if he knew what he had to do to be washed clean of his sins.  He said that he hoped that praying was enough.  I gave him the prompt for his memorised verse of Romans 6:23:

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

He quoted the verse to me.  And I asked him if he knew HOW to be "in Christ".  That's when he said he wanted to be baptised.

I texted JR while he was at Friday Night Club to let him know that we were going to have a conversation with Gideon about this when he got back.  And we sent, back and forth, several excited texts. :)

While Gideon and Naomi and I sat around and cuddled before Play Night, I asked Gideon WHY he wanted to be baptised.  As best as I can remember I will try to relay what he said.

-"Unlike when [he] was 5", he didn't want to be baptised just so he could partake in communion. ;)

-He broke down crying when he tried to talk me through the Gospel and how Jesus died on the cross for HIM.

-He talked about how he has read his Bible cover to cover many times.

-(This really impressed me.)  He said, "Jesus IS my Lord."  (Not, I want Jesus to be my Lord.)  He said that he had made that decision when he was 5.  That's why he lives his life to glorify God.  (And, mom-commentary here:  I think that is why he is able to stand up to the persecution he faces at school for being different and not swearing and getting flack for it.)

Even before JR got home that evening, I was pretty convinced that he was ready.  He was verbalising more at 7 than I did at 14 when I was baptised.

JR got home and we had a big family meeting while cuddling on the couches.  Naomi was so proud of her brother!  Her excitement was a joy to watch as well.

Gideon told us that he wanted to be baptised in the North Sea instead of the church building and he wanted it to take place SOON!

So we e-mailed a few family and friends to let them know that we planned to baptise him on Sunday right after morning worship service.

Saturday, Gideon went about his routine, but every hour or so, he would get this beaming smile on his face and say, "I'm getting baptised tomorrow!"

JR and I spent the day with Stephanie and George Doolan in Aberdeen, and when we got in at 10:30 Saturday evening Gideon was still awake.  When I went in to kiss him, the first thing he said to me was, "I'm so glad I'm getting baptised tomorrow."

I asked him why and he replied, "I've been really worried about my sins.  But now I know God won't reject me!"  His face was beaming!

Indeed, Gideon, God will not reject you.  Your sins have been washed away by the precious blood of Jesus, OUR Saviour!

Sunday morning finally came!!!

Here's the video I pulled together of his confession in front of the congregation and his baptism in the North Sea.  Annie and Tanja told G that in Germany, you pick out a verse from the Bible that really speaks to you, and that is your "Baptismal verse".  Gideon chose Psalm 1.  (He can quote the whole thing too... which I didn't know until he did it yesterday.) ;)

 This is where G is telling JR that the water was "way colder than he thought!" ;)

 Look at the pure joy on JR's face!

After we got him in a warm shower to bring back up his core temperature, we ate McDonalds (his choice) and enjoyed the rest of our Sunday.

 JR and I are so blessed to call our first-born, "brother". As I told Annie and Tanja, this is what you pray for for your children even more that you pray for their future spouse.

We are feeling rather blessed. :D


 ***Special thanks to CJ Cowie and Annie Waschke for taking photos and Tanja Raveling for taking the video.***

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Kirsten Sharp said...

Daisha and JR,

I am so so glad to hear that little Gideon has chosen to take on Christ and I am so glad that you allowed him to make this decision at this young age. Thank you for raising your children in the love of Christ.

Love you all.

I know Christ will continue to bless you and bless through you.