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Thursday, September 12, 2013


We have been enjoying the lovely summer here by grilling out most evenings. :)

To meet one of the requirements for their degrees that will qualify them to teach English and Religious Education in Germany, Tanja and Annie needed to spend 90 days in an English-speaking place.  Their other internships fell through due to visa issues, so we have 2 new members of our household (Aug.-Oct.) 

Meet Tanja Raveling and Annie Waschke!

We soaked up our last week of summer holiday by lots of playtime.

We got a GREAT deal on a comfy cuddling sofa.  This can (and has) comfortably seat 5-6 adults.  It makes Bible Studies and Movie Nights much more comfortable.

 The kids like it too. :)

One night after dinner we did shadow puppets...

One of our guests during the FXCC/PHD trip, Jesse Lippincott, (and his family) sent us some of the stuff on our "care package" list.  We were super excited!  The kids love the game CHOMP! and we are set for my Strawberry Cake with Lemonade Frosting! 

It has been a dream of mine to have a dog of my own for as long as I can remember.  For JR, he never saw himself having a dog until he fell in love with my parent's dog, Tassie.  

So, JR said that if we were to ever get a dog, we'd get a Miniature Schnauzer... like Tassie. ;)

Having never lived in a place that allowed pets, we have been waiting for YEARS!  But we have approval to have a pet here in Peterhead, and found a breeder south of Glasgow.  

She gave us pick of the litter, but we had to drive down to pick out our puppy.  Since we haven't seen much of Scotland, we decided to make another 2 day trip out of it.

On our way down, we stopped by St. Andrews.

 I kept thinking about "Uncle" Ken Neller as we were on campus.  He got his doctorate here.  I could imagine him walking across the quad.  

 John Knox's pulpit...

At HST JR wrote a paper about Patrick Hamilton...

Dude was geekin' out. ;)

And we had a lovely lunch...
That evening we stayed in a village called Busby. :)  

Saturday morning we headed into Glasgow and stumbled across a wonderful museum.  

Then we headed out to Strahaven to pick out our Piper.

 Piper Maxine at 5.5 weeks.

We started a new back-to-school tradition:  a picnic!  We headed out to Aden Park and enjoyed time as a family.

 This is the same tree that we had their pictures taken with 2 years ago with their cousins.

 This out-take cracks me up!

First Day of School Photos:
P2                                                P3

JR went on a long bike-ride and these are a few of the shots he took...

 Naomi brought this home from last school year.  Read it... It's adorable.

One Saturday, Naomi asked if she could paint my nails.  She chose the colour and the style... :)

"Fitba" started back up.  Here is G before the first practice.

Naomi had her friend, Nichole, over for a playdate.  These girls are so cute together.

 And these are all the photos I have of August.  


alwaysnatural said...

Beautiful family photos! Beautiful St. Andrews memories! ❤

Heather said...

Great pictures! My name is Heather and I was wondering if you would be willing to answer a quick question about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com