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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Rest of July

We got back from our 2 day vacation/holiday and there was a "fair" set up across the street from our house.  So, we walked over to check it out.

The next night, CJ, Megan, Lee, and Sam joined us.

This ^ was G's favourite ride.  He felt like Indiana Jones going through the obstacles. :)

Since it was Scottish Week, there were several even activities that our house had a perfect location for.  Therefore, we had lots of evening visitors.

Friday evening we hosted a BBQ for viewing the air show.  We had a good turn out from most of the age demographics from church.

 And, of course the fair was still going on... so the kids headed over under the supervision of CJ and Sam...

 ^ Jr's Instagram photo during the air show...

We were hanging out till all hours of the night playing games, talking, and listening to music in our driveway...  Good times.

That was the evenings... during the day I was working on making an ottoman out of a tire:

It does not smell like a tire.  (a question I get asked a lot)  And it is holding up well. :)

The view from our front window is always changing... here are 2 shots taken at the end of July.

We wrapped up our busy (BUSY) July with a pajama day... and chess...
It's how we role. :)

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