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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

{June 2013}

Boy, howdy does blogging get pushed down the "to-do" list!

Let's get crackin'...

Lewis Gaunt came over for a sleep-over.  Everyone had a blast and we really enjoyed having Lewis with us.  Here are some photos...
 G got to introduce Lewis to Skylanders.

 Lego time...

 We found a good YouTube "Just Dance" video.  The boys were dancing their hearts out thinking they were actually playing the game! :)

Bible Story before bed.

I was having a really hard time missing the birth of my last nephew.  I mean... I broke down at the house by myself about it, and then when JR got home, I tried to tell him, but got so choaked up about it that it took me 3 tries to tell him why I was crying.  He immediately started looking at flights for me to Seattle.  Ryan was the only person who knew I was coming.   But in the mean-time, this is how Claudia, my mom, and my dad thought I was going to meet Elijah:
(I love this photo!)  And even though I knew I was flying over within a few days, I still teared up in this moment.

Before I headed out, though, JR preached in Buckie.  Here are some shots of that Sunday:

 I think that the drive between Peterhead and Buckie is one of the most beautiful drives!  I snapped so many photos with my iPad!  But these 2 are my favourites.

I got to be in Seattle for a week!  My parents were there for the first day, so that was a bonus!

Here are some photos we snapped in between playing pirates with Kaden, cuddling Elijah, helping my sister, and cooking new recipes for Ryan.

While there, I also took some "formal" shots of the Porche Posse... :)

Here are the birth announcements I designed for them...

 This kid is now 3!  (I can't believe how big he is getting!)
Porche, family of 4...

Life kept going in Peterhead... Gideon was allowed to finish out practices with a "fitba" team at school.  Here he is at practice:

He had a blast!

One of my "to-do" items to help our mornings go easier and give more structure to our chores was to make a chore chart.  I gathered lots of ideas off of Pinterest, and here's what I came up with:

So far, this has made our mornings more peaceful and our house cleaner.  I'd say that is a winner in my book! :)

I took my big camera to a Monday Night Class to capture the fun we have there.  Here's a small snippet of the beginning of our time together:  Lots of play!

 Naomi and Amy...


 Luke was congratulating Gideon after G scored a goal! :)

These kids have blast!

After the play-time, we have a lesson and then snack.

There was a particularly beautiful afternoon and I (uncharacteristically) remembered that I could take my kids outside to play!  (I never claimed to be a super-mom.)

Our shipment {FINALLY} came in 6 days before the FXCC group got to town.  As I started unpacking the few possessions we decided we wanted to keep before we moved over, I realised that it was starting to make this rent house feel like "home".

Also, I was pleasantly surprised that after over a year boxed up... 3 moves in the States, picked up by 1 company, shipped internationally, stuck in customs, picked up by another company, & finally delivered today... Only 3 dishes broken (nae bad).

I think I'll wrap up this post and call it "June". :)

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Mission Scotland said...

Hi Daisha,
I'm Jordan Anderson, my husband and I are missionaries to Buckie Church of Christ, not so very far from y'all!
I have tried to get in contact with you all (not very hard apparently, because I just needed to post in your blog!) for a while now just to say hi and connect.
I've enjoyed getting to know you and your ministry efforts through your blog and FB postings. I hope we can remain in contact and possibly meet up in the future. Our general email is disciplescotland@gmail.com if you'd like to stay in contact. I don't do FB much and have deleted my personal FB account so email is the fastest and most reliable way for keeping in touch. I'd love to hear from you if you have a spare moment!

Blessings on your ministry,
Jordan Anderson

(And those pictures you took here at the Church of Christ are a block away from our manse...y'all were SO close!)