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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

July {Part 1} The Fairfax/Peterhead Mission Trip {FXCC/PHD 2k13}

Mainly a photo-post... Here goes...

We pulled together a group to meet the FXCC group as they arrived in Scotland.

If you'd like to hear the un-planned "soundtrack" of the 2 weeks, click play on the video while you scroll through the rest of the post.  (thanks, Chase)

Most of these shots will be examples of the group getting to know each other and share faith and life!

(at the break water)

(watching seals)

Playing at the building before Monday Night Club. (for ages 5-11)

Devan Strydom's family sent gifts for the kids.  (as did others, I just forgot to photograph all of them) ;)

Gideon is introducing the 4 boys living with us to "Skylanders".


Daddy was having a hard time coming to grips with me cutting off N's hair.

so we braided it for him to keep.

After (I cut it at Naomi's request)

the next day for comparison shots...

One of the main goals for the FXCC/PHD group was to bond from 2 groups into one.  The Christians here do not have much support.  And the teens from Fairfax were (and are!) a great encouragement to the believers here.  Much time was spent in "sharing life" together.

4th of July Picnic!

Last day of school!  (5 JULY!)
dress-up day
Naomi went as a ninja, and Gideon went as a Jedi.

Friday Night Club (plus our 2 kids)

(These are the girls in my Wednesday evening Bible class.)

Saturday Church-wide Picnic:
(this is where Sammie Young snapped his achilles tendon) :(

This is what it looked like at our house almost every evening.  We had 4 boys staying with us.  4 girls that were housed a bit away, so they hung out at hour home a lot... and various Peterhead Peeps that joined in the chaos... I mean, fun. ;P  One night, we even had 12 people staying here and sharing our one bathroom!  


I wrote most of the sketches for the VBS and these guys were my sketch crew!  ^^^

Can you tell Naomi liked the snack time? :)

Ratray Beach Devo

JR and several others hurled themselves off the tops of the sand dunes and fell the whole way down.  Multiple times.  Claiming it was "AWESOME!"

Another common site around our house. :)

At the end of the FXCC/PHD weeks, we all headed to Pitlochry, Scotland.
and the castle nearby

The last evening was amazing.  We ate dinner and then watched a slideshow of the 2 weeks together.  But the 3 hours after that... where we spent time affirming each other... THAT was life-changing.  (I'm going to let JR go farther into the impact on our mission blog.)

I'll leave you with the LeCrae video.  It was also a theme song for our time together.

We (the Sheets family) was truly blessed by our time together with the group Fairfax sent over.  We were blessed to get to know the people of Peterhead even better through the 2 weeks as well.


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