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Thursday, May 30, 2013

G's 7th B-day {the LOOT}

We postponed presents until JR returned.

The kids were ecstatic that JR picked them up from school yesterday.

JR was ecstatic to pick them up in a car. ;)

While the kids were at school I had wrapped all the gifts and set them out on the table.  (Gideon didn't know where they were.)

Here is Gideon showing JR the video JR made Gideon.

Here Gideon is finally seeing his gifts.  (Naomi's face cracks me up!)

The first thing he opened was the huge card from Fairfax church of Christ.

This card is filled with so much love and care.  We are blessed to be supported by a congregation that celebrates with us.

 From the GB's... another book in his Geronimo Stilton series.  (and not pictured for some reason... the other 2 books in this series from Gigi and PapaDan)

 from the Porches... a Skylander lunchbox

 from the Distant Missions Committee... LEGOS!

(sorry the camera focused on the chair instead of the kid)
from Grandpa... a carrying for his Skylanders

 from the Bighams... 2 boxed sets of books:  The Boxcar Children and Classic Tales of Adventure (which I'm SUPER stoked about)

 from Grandma... 3 of his favourite Skylanders

 He certainly raked in the loot!  (and this isn't including the $ and giftcards and £ he got!)

Grandma also included a few things for Naomi in the package.  This hair thing in Orioles colours, and really cool coloured pencils that N took to school today for show and tell. :)

Our first "holiday" away from extended family didn't feel quite as far away as I had expected. 

Thank you to everyone who participated to make Gideon's first birthday in our new home so much fun.

Tomorrow night he will have his friend, Lewis Gaunt, over for a sleep-over (and that should conclude the week-long celebration of his birth).


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Anonymous said...

The GB's say a very fine birthday for a very fine boy.