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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gideon is 7!

Before I get into his day... let's take a look back...

In Gideon's 7 years he has lived in 9 different homes, 4 different states, and 2 countries.  His gentle spirit, fierce loyalty, and spiritual depth astound and humble me on a daily basis.

But you want to see how his birthday went... (and so does JR, who will not return from the States until tomorrow).

 Maureen Gaunt loaned me a "Happy Birthday" table cloth, so when he walked into the kitchen after being cuddled awake, he saw the "decorations".   He requested a Starbucks coffee to go with his Vanilla Brioche breakfast.  (Naomi also had one and started bouncing off the walls!  oops.)

Since JR isn't with us, we are post-poning gifts, however, Claudia and Ryan had included Skylander tattoos with their gift and I let him put one on.  (Tree Rex is is favourite.) *

Gideon and Naomi headed off to school where G was greeted with a Birthday Banner in his classroom, got to sit in a comfy chair, and got to be 2nd in line. ;)  He was "chuffed".

I picked both kids up for lunch at McDonald's (G's very favourite restaurant).

JR left several treats behind for G's b-day... DoubleStuff Oreos were among them.  The kids enjoyed them as dessert.

 Oreo Face!

I took them back to finish out their day while I went to Ladies' Bible Class and then I picked them up.

We came home and Gideon was able to web-cam with Grandma Debby.

Instead of a big party, Gideon wanted to have Holly and Hannah Strachan join him for dinner, and he will also have a sleepover with Lewis Gaunt on Friday.

From the Strachans, G got a giftcard to Argos.  He was so excited.  He is ready to go buy a Skylander. ;)

Gideon wanted JUST home-made Mac&Cheese.  (no meat, no veggies... )  So that is what we had for dinner.  And since we don't have enough chairs for the 7 of us that were eating, we had a picnic. :)

Then it was time for cake. :)  I bought the Skylander cake and Holly made the cupcakes that spelled out "Gideon".

We didn't do candles... but we did sing...

After we ate the cakes the kids played Skylanders until we were called by the Stockstills and Porches on the webcam.  (They are all in Seattle because of Elijah's birth!)

Gideon had a great birthday.  We missed having JR around, but we plan to keep on celebrating when he returns.   And, Gideon woke up this morning to a video of JR telling him Happy Birthday.

I cannot believe how fast these 7 years have gone by.  But what continually takes my breath away is how Jesus-focused my son is.  I could not be more proud (or humbled).

I wouldn't trade Gideon for any other son in the entire world!

* I have my computer set to British English.  This should explain "how quickly" I have changed from American spelling to British.  :)

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Anonymous said...


What an amazing day! Wishing you a terrific year.

Thanks for sharing your Dad with us. It was great having him and Billy with us. The only problem was that having them here made Fred and I miss the rest of the family even more! Love y ou. Mr Fred and Ms. Teresa