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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Beginning of April 2013

 Have you gotten tired of the view?  We certainly haven't! :)

Monday (April 2) we headed into Aberdeen with Billy, Fenella, Amy, Holly, and Hannah.  We saw "The Croods" and at at TGIFridays.  It was good to hang out as families together.

We went to a few car dealerships and while the men-folk looked at cars, Hannah hopped into the driver's seat!  (a 12 yr. old behind the wheel... that explains my face)

We celebrated the Orioles' Opening Day  (April 3) in the bright Scotland day...
(If you would like to see each year's Opening Day photos, click this link to my facebook album.)

(here is Naomi having a little tantrum b/c of the brightness...even though they were in the shade)

(the 3 previous photos were taken in a 15 sec. time period)
(ahh... much sweeter)

We were on Easter Break for 2 weeks (without most of their toys and with no car...  We played a lot of iPod/iPad and Wii)
This is how I found the kids one quiet afternoon...

We spent time being active too (besides the walking).  The kids played at the Amazone several times.
CJ took some photos of the kids at church one Wednesday night...

Gideon wanted an "ALL NIGHT" Skylanders night with JR... so we made it happen.  I walked to the Morrison's and picked up all the preferred snacks (including a coffee for G) and they played until 2:30am!

 Meanwhile... Naomi and I curled up in my bed with JR's laptop to watch a Barbie movie.  Then we downloaded all the free "make-over" and fashion and art apps for the iPad.  We fell asleep around midnight. 

Saturday morning, Naomi and I walked into town while JR and Gideon headed in the opposite direction.  I surprised the kids by getting them scooters.  :)

 They love their scooters!  They even have lights that light up in blue and pink (respectively).  (Mom FTW!)

 The weather is improving here. :)  At least we have seen the sunshine. :)

 Gideon has a (very mom-monitored) e-mail address so he can keep up with his friends and family around the world.  Here is a photo of him replying to his e-mails from Grandpa and Gigi and 2 of his friends from Crossfield Elementary.  (Hey!  It works on reading, forming sentences, typing... We'll call it "educational") :)

 We are continuing to enjoy our time with our new friends.  Stephanie, Daniel, Liam, and Jessica introduced us to the Meethill park.

 This is how I can usually find the kids when they are quiet. :)

We had a fun day back in Aberdeen as the Strachan's introduced us to the "Fun Beach".  We had fun at Cadonas.

But when we are home, we can find G "Just Dancing" to YouTube videos of Just Dance.

Since it looks like we will be carless for a bit longer, JR got the bike he has been wanting since Gideon was an infant!
Boy, does he love this thing!

The break was over and Gideon and Naomi returned to school.  But THIS time they had their Meethill "jumpers" to complete their uniforms.

Yesterday was finally warm and sunny (enough) to hang the clothes to dry outside as well as having them dry on the radiators.  So, here's a little glimpse into laundry here in Peterhead...

This morning, as we were heading out the door to walk the kids to school, the "postie" came and delivered some "happy mail".   It turned out to be hand-made cards from the 1st-3rd graders from Fairfax church of Christ!  I hung them on the wall of the kids' bedroom to surprise them when they got home.
What is not pictured are all the Bible studies (both at the building and in our home and at Symposium), JR's preaching, the "room-swapping", and the continual, daily efforts to set up our home here in Peterhead.

For more "ministry-related" posts, make sure to check out our Mission Scotland blog.

And now you are up-to-date with us.  (Happy, family?) ;)

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