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Monday, April 22, 2013

This Past Week...

 Since last week, we have had our first encounter with National Health Services, been to the kid's "Family Friday", enjoyed the outdoors, and so on...

Gideon's hives got worse this week due to a virus that left his entire body covered in a different kind of rash.  He stayed home from school one day last week, but his hives are back under control and he's feeling better.

While feeling poorly, however, he fell out of his bed at night (didn't wake him up, though) and got a nice shiner. :)

Friday I was reminded of the "Family Fun Day" by a lady I met at the Mothers and Toddler's group that morning.  (so glad she reminded me!)

So at 2:30 (or "half 2" here in Scotland), JR and I got to have our kids show us around their new school. Both kids got glowing reports from their teachers.  Here are the photos...

 This is the story Naomi wrote and illustrated.  (She did the writing on her own!)
 Gideon showed me where they had set up an Eye Doctor's office.  (He was really distracted by his happiness to see us... and... it only being his 8th day of school there, there wasn't much "work" for them to show off.) :P

On our walk home from school, the kids got an invitation to play at the playground across the street from our house with Holly and Hannah Strachan.  So we hurried home and changed.

The 12 yr. old twins picked up our kids and took them to play while JR and I enjoyed getting some things settled for our evening plans.

JR went to the teenagers "club" time at the church building, and the kids and I joined our friends at Aden Park for a picnic dinner.  (You have to take advantage of the sun when you see it!)

Saturday I got to pick up my new bike.  (There is no photo yet because we still have to adjust the seat so that my knees don't bruise my abdomen when I ride.) ;)  But it has a basket!!!  This will help me get around town SO much faster!

Yesterday was the first morning where JR and I were both teaching classes.  I started a Primary age class for my kids and any visitors who come along, and JR is teaching the adults.

After services, we went to the Waverly Hotel for lunch with the Strachans.  It was a lovely time and a lovely meal... however, I don't think it set well with Naomi.

She insisted she wasn't feeling well enough to head to services last night, so I stayed home with her.  And I'm glad I did... she threw up 3 times (a first in her life).

She is at home with me today as she is not allowed to attend school for 48 hours.

So that's us... pluggin' along...

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