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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Leaving VA {March 20, 2013}

Our time in Northern Virginia was made richer because of the blessing the McCain's were to us.  They opened their home, treated us like family, and gave an example of extravagant hospitality that we will never forget.

Naomi was always really possessive when Whit (Fred and Teresa's grandson) came to visit.  Naomi loved her snuggles with Ms. Teresa almost as much as Teresa enjoyed them. ;)

March 20:
The kids both wanted to be at school as much as they could, so they both got up and went to class.

I stopped by Naomi's room to get some photos with her and her friends.  She, however, did not want her photo taken.

 Naomi loved her class with "Mrs. Jones" (Brandy).  This was such a great step to prepare N for P1 here in Peterhead.

Next I headed over to Crossfield Elementary for the Going Away party that his class threw him.

I took digestives and dilutin' juice to share with the class while G talked about some of the differences between the States and Scotland.

Then his teacher, Ms. Kennard, presented Gideon with a laminated book the entire class put together.  Each child (with a photo included) wrote what they would miss about Gideon and what they wished for Gideon.  It is an amazing gift!

 His entire class was hugging on him the entire time.  In fact, I have a photo of him hugging each classmate (but didn't want to post them all here).

Ms. Kennard placed Gideon in the seat of honour and had the class raise their hands to tell Gideon lovely things that they wanted him to know.  It was such a "treasure up the moment in your heart" time for me as Gideon's mother as I heard child after child praise Gideon for his thoughtfulness, dance skills, and friendship.  One little girl even noted that Gideon is great about calming people down and helping them work through their upset-times.  (Gideon did a great job of NOT breaking down while hearing all his friends.)
 Gideon and I went to the lunch room with his class.  During lunch G had to put his head down on the table for a brief moment while his sadness got the better of him, but he put on a brave face and enjoyed time with his friends as long as he possibly could.

Then it was time to go.  And Ms. Kennard came to the office as I was signing him out because she was having such a hard time saying good-bye to him.

Gideon was really distant while Ms. Kennard gave him a final hug and then after she left the room, he whispered "good-bye" before breaking down into sobs.

We walked, arms around each other, out to the car where we sat in the backseat and both cried a bit.

But... we had Naomi to pick up and Chick-fil-A with Jenn and Sawyer to look forward to!

 After our time at Chick-fil-A we introduced Jenn and Sawyer to our favourite puppy store and snuggled with puppies until it was time to meet up with JR, Phil, Gaby, and Jason at the McCain's house to load up our luggage.

The Busbys presented the kids with small items for the plane.

 (I feel like Naomi is saying, "Ta Da!  Gaby!")

Crazy kids!

We all made it to the airport and got in line just in time to miss the HUGE wait. :)

 Here is JR in line with our 6 suitcases, our 4 carry-ons were with me...
...and the kids were with Jason.

Once we said our "see you laters" to the Busbys, Phil McKinney, and Michelle Miller, we headed through security.  Our kids are pros at this by now.  We are a well-oiled machine!

The kids wanted a treat from Starbucks, so we enjoyed that as we awaited the boarding of our SAS flight to Copenhagen.

 Gideon getting settled with the personal screen...

 Naomi cheesin' it up...
 Gideon read his book from his friends.  We went through a few more tears, but we are talking about how God calls us to do things... and they aren't always easy.  But HE is ALWAYS with us.
 Naomi enjoyed colouring the stickers the Busbys gave her for the flight.
The flight went well.  We arrived in Copenhagen and then flew to Aberdeen.

I'll get to our first day in Peterhead in the next post.

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