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Monday, March 18, 2013

February {in Photos}

Naomi was in charge of treats the day before her birthday.  She wanted doughnuts.

Naomi's 5th Birthday Party {My Little Pony Party}
 Naomi wanted a pony costume for her birthday.  She designed the pony and named it: Cherry (for the cutie mark on her "flank")

 After the party, we were joined for dinner by the Busby family.  The kids sat at their own table.

 Gaby, Naomi, Gideon, and Sawyer...

 This is a very happy 5 year old!

Naomi asked me if she could try on this dress in the store.  And then she WANTED to pose for a photo.  (who am I to say no?)

The new past-time... Helicopter flying...

Naomi wanted me to take this photo...

I am surprised that I have NO photos of Debby's visit.  We had a great one!  We were SO busy with our comings and goings.  Maybe Debby has all the photos.

Here are the Valentine's Day photos...

Up next... the beginning of March...

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