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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

October 3-17

October 3:
I have no memory of this day.

October 4:
Uncle Ryan's birthday...
While web-camming with the Porches, they called Gideon over to tell them they are already working on his 7th birthday gift:  a new cousin!!!

October 5:
Cox Farm Day with Naomi!!

 Naomi and Rylie McKinney had a blast together.  But neither one of them wanted their photos taken.

 These are Naomi's attempts to take photos of me as a pirate. :)

 Stay tuned to see how cute we made this pumpkin... :)
I love my Naomi Elizabeth!  She is my contrary, strong-willed, cartoon of a child and I can't imagine my life without her.

In the evening, JR and I geared-up to watch the O's game on tv...

We treated these games like HOLIDAYS!  

October 6:
Family Retreat at WAMAVA...
We headed out for a few hours to join our FXCC family... We were in a photo scavenger hunt with the Patterson family.

 They are spelling PRAYER with their bodies.

October 7:
JR and I were responsible for teaching children's worship.  We took the opportunity to acquaint the children with what we are going to be doing in Peterhead.

Sundays are BUSY for us.  We go from church (where we usually have responsibilities), to lunch, to Dynamic Marriage, to a small group to present on Scotland.  We are wiped out by the time we are done with the day.

We are blessed by every part of it.

This Sunday was a little different for us, though... JR and I left Dynamic Marriage early and headed to the Orioles game!  (Oriole Park at Camden Yards, baby!!!)  Jeff and Phyllis Robertson watched the kids for us.*

While waiting to get to the parking lot, we heard fans walking toward the stadium.  My favorite quote of the night was from some guy passing by, dressed head to toe in O's paraphernalia, "It's October!  And LOOK WHAT I'M WEARIN'!!!"

The excitement in the air was palpable.

 During the 2 hour rain delay, we got to meet some other O's fans... :)

 Even the Bird got dressed up...

 on pins and needles at this game!

JR has been waiting for this team to play in the post season since 1997.

*JR did the hand-off of the kids with the Robertsons.  He forgot to mention that Naomi needs to eat gluten-free.  When we picked them up at 2:30 am (yes, you read that right), we found out that at small group, she had eaten an entire plate of PB&J sandwiches.  (She really misses bread!)  BUT... she didn't get a tummy-ache... so we have been testing to see what she can eat again, and so far, she is able to tolerate gluten if she runs across it in social settings!!!

October 8:
I'm guessing this was a fairly laid-back Monday.  I have nothing written down special about it.

October 9:
Naomi and I were able to join Gideon at his school for a program called GRACEArt.

Naomi LOVED being with Gideon at his school.  And he loved being the BIG BROTHER. :)

Plus... G got a great "Interim Grade Report". "It is a pleasure to have Gideon in my class. He is a sweet, mature and thoughtful student. He is hardworking and well-behaved."-Ms. Kennard... So proud! 

October 10:
Uncle Brent's b-day...
And I got a notice that I hadn't ordered G's school photos...
Um... yeah.  You have to order these before you even get to see the shot.  I wasn't going to spend $$ to get some shot of the kids when I like my own shots better.  Now that I see he's not even looking at the camera, I'm glad I didn't waste my money.

October 11:
We continued to watch baseball late into the evening.  It messed with my sleep.

October 12:
I worked on the worship guide for the Ladies Day at church for which I lead worship.  Here is the cover.  I had fun designing it.

(Can you tell what the theme was?)

October 13:
I got up early on a Saturday morning and lead worship for the FXCC Ladies Day.  I was blessed to be a part of it.

After I got home, I had a brief bit of time before I did the Gulick Family Session...

These were a "Thank You" since they took on 2 strange, unfamiliar children this summer while JR and I went to Peterhead.

October 14:
My mom's birthday... We shot this video before we left church...

This was another packed Sunday.  Our presentation on Scotland was held at the building and Gideon was our "tech guy".   He pushed the buttons to make the presentation go to the next slide.  He was very proud of his hard work.  (and so are we)

October 15:
Gideon was "Sea Star" of the week in his class.  He got to do special things all week.  But his main request was that I would finish his Halloween costume in time for him to show it off at school.  So I worked on the costume a lot.

October 16:
Simon's 4th birthday...

October 17:
I have a few photos of G's costume in progress... but I'll not post those here. :)

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