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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

September 20-Oct.2 {"Weekly Review" Catch-up}

This will mainly be a picture post since that is how I am remembering these crazy busy times...

September 20:

 JR also (I believe) had a soccer game after the kids went to bed.

September 21:
Naomi had Show&Tell at school.  And, if memory serves, this is when JR and I started "Play Night".  (Oh, this is genius!  We put the kids to bed early and tell them they can play as long as they like, as long as they stay in their room.  They think they are getting away with stuff, and JR and I get a hassle-free bed-time/evening.  The kids usually put themselves to bed within an hour and a half of us doing this.  And THEY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "Play Night.")

September 22:
I have no actual memories of this day.  But the calendar says it was a date night.  I may see if JR can jog my memory on this one.  I'm sure it was lovely if it happened. ;)

Oh, wait!  I remember what we did... we organized our entire space and moved things around and cleaned like maniacs.  

September 23:
Sundays are especially busy for us right now.  In addition to teaching/leading children's worship and presenting almost every Sunday to a different small group about Scotland, we are also doing Dynamic Marriage.

G asked if he could fall asleep in our bed that night, and this is how we found him.

September 24:
Mondays the kids get home early from school.  They played some Chess while I was getting things ready for JR to head to Peterhead.
And apparently, G played with my iPad...

September 25:
After dropping everyone off at their appointed places, I had a photo session:

September 26:
Before JR headed out to Peterhead, he surprised Gideon at lunch.
Actually, I remember this morning.  We took G to the bus stop and then I dropped N and JR off at the church building.  Then I headed back to G's school for GRACEArt.  Then I immediately headed back to the church building to pick up JR to bring him BACK to G's school for lunch.  Then as soon as that finished, JR and I headed BACK to the church building to pick up Naomi from school.  (breathe)  Then JR, N, and I ate lunch together before dropping JR off at the airport.  (I, of course, got turned around on the way home from the airport.)

*****JR had a blog post ready to go on our Mission Scotland blog telling about the amazing time he, Phil McKinney, Jon Box, and Rick Baither had with all our peeps in Peterhead.  However, JR's hard-drive crashed and he lost the post... and the computer is out of our hands for a few days.  So you'll have to stay patient about that.*****

September 27:
JR was in Peterhead, but meanwhile...
After Naomi and I picked up Gideon from school, we headed with G's classmate, Alex to a nature center.

September 28:
Naomi had Spirit Day at school and sported her school shirt.  (She did NOT want me to take her photo.)
 After school we went to lunch with Angie and Rylie McKinney at Target.
 That evening, the kids wanted to record a song for Daddy.

And another one that is SO them right now. (Naomi told me that Jesus told her to march.)

September 29:
The kids and I participated in Fairfax church of Christ's Give-away Day.  It was amazing to see how many people got so much stuff... for free!  It was an honor to serve.  (even if we did have to get up an hour before our regular wake up time) ;)

September 30:
At church, a lady came up to me and asked if I was JR's wife.  When I replied that I was, she handed me a huge box and walked off.  Well... look what was in the box!
The kids LOVE the quilts that Ms. Ella Barber made for them.  They were so excited when they opened the box.  They kept talking about all the ways they could use their quilts.

That night, since it was just the 3 of us in the big house (and they usually sleep 2 floors away) I had them fall asleep in my bed.  This is how I found them.

October 1:
By this time the kids had started going kind of squirrely.  You know.. the I-NEED-to-wrestle-with-my-Daddy squirrely.  But we could make it one more day.    (Especially since I had another new episode of "Castle" to look forward to.) ;)

October 2:
JR came home!  But in between the time I picked up Naomi and the time we waited for about an hour and a half at the airport, N and I hit up Target.  She's been asking for a little brother, so I thought this was a good $3 solution.  (The doll's shirt says, "Lil' Bro".)

Everyone was glad to be re-united.

(Ok, so here's part of what I have to blog about... I'll keep working on the rest... stay tuned.)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. We love seeing what you post. Keeps us connected. Your movies were special to us G. and N. the GBs love you.