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Thursday, September 20, 2012

September 13-19 {Weekly Review}

September 13:
G started having a hard time being at school all day, away from the rest of the family.  So I gave him a "tattoo" to help him remember that we (and more importantly, Christ) are with him even when we aren't present.
This seemed to help.

Thursday morning, after getting everyone sent off to their respective places, I was (again) captivated by the light in the yard.  So I grabbed my camera.

 After receiving a lot of comments about people wanting to decorate their homes with these images, I have put them over on our Mission Scotland blog to help raise money for our start-up costs.  You can check that out HERE.

JR has been looking forward to his soccer games beginning and the evening finally arrived.  (At 10:30 at night!)  We left the kids in bed (the McCains were home) and headed out for his game.  The team literally met each other as they were walking on the field to play a team that played together last year.  It was pretty rough. :)  But my man looked good out there.  And everyone talked about "how FAST" he was.

I was the only... ONLY fan at the game.

September 14:
I surprised Gideon for lunch.  He was thrilled to introduce me to his new friends and his new responsibilities.

I LOVED seeing him enjoy school so much.  But I REALLY LOVED the way his face BEAMED with joy when he saw me.

This week, his responsibility was "Wonderful Washer".

He did have a hard time when I left.  He wanted to come with me.  But I reminded him that he would miss recess, music and P.E.

I went and picked up Naomi from school and we went to some fancy furniture stores to look around.  She kept having me take her photo in things she liked.

 (She wanted to pose as if she was sleeping.)

"Momma, Momma... take my picture with this so I can put it on my wish list!"
Sweets & Treats Magnetic Design Set

We had a good time pretending to be interior decorators.  :)

We picked up our boys and headed home for dinner.  Since is was left-overs, I decided to make it a little more interesting...
The menus were a huge hit.  G and N decided I should do them every night. (I don't think so...)

After dinner G wanted to learn out to shave with a pretend shaving kit that we got all the way back in Tallahassee.  Can you believe it's made it through 5 moves and we still have it?  I can't.

We're goofing off before the "seriousness" of shaving commences. :)

September 15:
It was such a beautiful day, we decided to eat lunch and then go to the National Zoo.  Apparently we weren't the only ones with this idea, since EVERY parking lot was full.  JR dropped me and the kids off at the entrance with the plan to meet up at the lions.  We enjoyed our time there (despite the Panda Exhibit being closed) and even asked someone to take our photo!

We had a lovely Saturday.

September 16:

JR continues to love teaching Deuteronomy at Fairfax. (and I enjoy being in it)

We hit up our "family restaurant": Buffalo Wing Factory, and came home for our naps.  :)

We had our first opportunity to present on Scotland to one of the small groups.  It went really well.  And while JR and I were pre-occupied with our presentation, Naomi ate an entire flourless chocolate cake.  (that girl!)  Good thing that it wasn't very big. :)

September 17:

After picking the kids up from their schools I surprised them with a play date with G's friend, Will (from Weebotics).

 She is making towers.

That night, when JR was about to go to bed, he found Naomi at the top of the basement stairs...

September 18:
I got everyone where they needed to be and then enjoyed my ladies Bible study. The day went on as normal.

For dinner, we were invited over to the Himes' home. We had a lovely meal and discussion while the kids loved playing with all the toys.

September 19:
Busy day of meetings and school. I also took N out shopping with me and we snapped this photo.
 I hope you enjoyed reading about our week.

By this time next week, I'll be a single mom.  JR and 3 other men from church are heading to Peterhead next week.

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