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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First day of Stepping Stones {Naomi}

This morning, after I had decided that Naomi and I were going to enjoy one last day at home, JR mentioned that he ran into one of the Stepping Stones teachers yesterday and she'd mentioned that Open House was today.  I have it on my calendar for tomorrow.  So I looked it up.

I was wrong.

So, Naomi and I kicked into full gear getting ready.

We took the photos...

She was not happy about this.  She said it was too bright.  (Plus I missed a whole 24 hours of building up the excitement for the first day of school.) :(

I could NOT get the shots I wanted. :(

We dropped G off at the KissNRide... and watched him walk off.  (Naomi--again-- refused to say good-bye to Gideon.)

Then we were off to Stepping Stones.

(again, UN-cooperative)

But we had time to "kill" now.  From now on, school will start at 9:15, but today it started at 10.  So, we found some chairs and read free books I'd downloaded to my iPad.  (She loves this activity!)

By 9:45 the lobby was filling up and she was getting more and more quiet.  When she gets nervous, she just gets quiet.  (which is weird for my LOUD girl)

Daddy came back out of his office for the drop off...

Naomi is a "Red Bird" with 10 other students in her 5 Yr. Old class.  You see, even though Naomi missed the cut-off by 32 days.  However, to better prepare her for Primary 1 (what she would've started in Peterhead last month if we were already there) the school graciously allowed her to join the older class.
 Here's where she picked up her name-tag.
 She was VERY hesitant about EVERYTHING.

But eventually she moved to the blocks...

Her face cracks me up!

She reluctantly allowed me to take her photo with her teacher:  Mrs. (Brandy) Jones
After a few minutes of the parent's being in the classroom, we were told to attend a meeting in the auditorium.

We had a shortened day, so I collected her at 11. 

She says she did not have a good day because:
1) a kid said they did not want to play with her
2) snack time was Goldfish... and our little gluten-free girl had to watch everyone else enjoy a snack while she sat snack-less :(

I told her that I'm sure she will love this school.  And that it can only get better. :)

So tomorrow will be the day I drop BOTH kids off at school and have the mornings to myself... 5 days a week!  I don't know what I'll do with myself (besides get work done around the house and spend time promoting my photography here in NOVA).

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Deborah said...

Stepping Stones was the only preschool of all three Root kids! That is so amazing that Naomi is there. Actually, it's amazing altogeter that you guys are at FXCC.

Even though "uncooperative" to Mom this day, that little girl of yours is mighty cute!