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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review/Catch Up {May 4-22}

May 4:  While the fellas were in Talladaga, Naomi and I had fun too.  We made a list of all the fun things we wanted to do together.  It included "singing together".   The kid's bedroom was re-organized and we took apart the bunk-beds.

We tried making a strawberry slushie.  But either the strawberries were bad or the coconut milk was bad... because this stuff tasted straight-up like vomit.  Naomi still does an imitation of my face when I tasted it.  At least we got a good laugh out of it. :)

May 5:  Naomi and I began the morning with a mani-pedi.
Boy, did Naomi feel so grown up!

We did a lot of coloring and girly-movie-watching without our boys.

May 6-- We went to church.  When we came home, we turned on the NASCAR race to see if we could see Gideon, JR, Hudson, and Brian.  Naomi kept claiming to. :)

May 7-- Our family was back together again.  JR was working hard studying (for the last time for this degree).  I sneaked into his area of the library so I could capture him "doing what he does".

May 8-- The kids had their end-of-the-year program.  I snapped this of them before we left for school:
Here's a close-up of Naomi's pedicure.  She requested the polka-dots.
Their program was during the day at school and JR was taking a final, so he missed it.

Here are some photos of it...

 Gideon was asked to have people stand for the pledge.  He spoke loudly and clearly.  Made his momma proud!

May 9--  a blur... I have no idea what happened.

May 10-- The kids had their last day of school and we prepared for our company's arrival.
 Here are Naomi and her teachers, "Ms. Debbie" and "Ms. Cheryl".

Here are Gideon and his teachers, "Ms. Tonia", and "Ms. Michelle".

Naomi painted me this painting for Mother's Day.
After we picked the kids up from their last day, we headed to Yo~Lo to surprise them.

 After Yo~Lo we ran some errands that included Target.  The kids wanted to "order water" from Starbucks.  They think they are big stuff.

Then we went and waited at the airport for Debby (the first of our guests to arrive for JR's graduation weekend).
We collected Debby, went to eat, took her home, and JR and I headed off to see "The Avengers".

May 11--  We chilled and played with Debby, kids on campus, and were joined for dinner by the Ramakers (JR's maternal grandparents).

Instead of going out to eat, I cooked a paleo meal at home.
It was a huge hit.  (and an experiment all in one) ;)

May 12-- Graduation day.  I've blogged about it HERE, but here are some more photos:

 Naomi's face absolutely cracks me up in this photo!

 Here is the photo of "Team Sheets":
JR said some really sweet things about me in front of everyone... made people (including us) cry...
(not a flattering angle for either of us)

That night we went out to eat.

May 13--  I sang at church, JR read Scripture.  We ate at home.  Then the grandma's took the kids to see the Pirate movie.  And they both got naps in.  Sunday night we watched the season finale of "Once Upon a Time".

May 14-- We did some shopping, enjoyed our last few hours with our family, and then shipped them all off to their respective homes.

May 15--  I worked from Panera to have some un-interrupted time to commit to gearing up d'Lifeful for our move.  We also got an e-mail that has thrown a "kink" in our plans.  We have peace, but uncertainty.

May 16--  In working towards a photo session with the Parkhursts, I went shopping with Tiffany and her girls to find outfits.  We took so long that we decided it was a good excuse to have our families eat dinner together. :)

May 17--  After spending most of the day packing and sorting and selling on Amazon, I did the Parkhurst session. 
For their full sneak-peek, you can view it at:  www.dlifeful.com/2012/05/the-parkhurst-family/ 
Leave them some love in the comment section over there!

May 18--  We Skyped with the men from Peterhead.

May 19-- We got to Skype with my parents who are in Peru.  They had just hiked Macchu Picchu and were about to head into the Amazon.  :)

May 20-- Church, eat, home, play/rest, pack, ect...

May 21-- I headed to Searcy for some girl-time with Hannah. 

May 22-- Here I sit... all blogged up, and needing to head back to Memphis. 

The past two weeks have been so full.  This past week has been an emotional week.  God is faithful. And His promise of Peace that Passes Understanding is being fulfilled in our lives.  May each step we take, and each decision we make, bring Him all the Glory.

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Amanda said...

WOW...you've been busy! Congrats to your graduates! I know they've worked hard! Would love that recipe...it looks fabulous!