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Sunday, June 17, 2012

May 23...Really?

Things have been just a little busy since May 23rd (the last day I posted on this blog). Let's see if I can catch us up.

May 23:  We had a 3-way web-cam session with Phil McKinney (FXCC) and the men in Peterhead.  We cleared up some stuff and got on track for our visit this summer and JR and Phil's visit in September.

We had dinner with Jessi and John Berger.

And Katie stopped by and stayed the night on her way to Searcy.

May 24:  We continued packing and selling our things via social media.  Attended a birthday party for Sydney King, and ate dinner with Kyle and Becca Hooper.

May 25:  Continued packing and selling our items.

May 26:  I shot a wedding all day at the Botanical Gardens.  It was HOT, but the location was beautiful.

May 27:  GIDEON'S 6TH BIRTHDAY!!!  I don't think I took a single photo of him on this day.  (Most years I chronicle the kid's whole day.)  We were a little busy. :) 

We did, however, have a lovely time at worship service.  Then, as per the birthday boy's request, we ate lunch at Red Robin.

We tried to video chat with Debby ("Grandma") but her side wasn't working.  So she was typing all of her side of the conversation.  Gideon did a great job reading all her IM's.  I was really impressed with his fluidity.

May 28-29:  Packing, Moving, Selling, Giving Away...Cleaning...

May 30:  Cleaning and re-painting our beautiful walls back to beige.  :(  However, we had several friends stop by to help out.  Thanks, Gerilyn, Clint, John, and Jessi!

Jr went out with several his "guys" from Grace Crossing:  Coop, Micah Parkhurst, Chris Hansen, and I may be missing some...

May 31:  At 10:30 am we had our exit walk-through, visited for a bit with Jared and Laura King, and headed in the Camry and a 10 ft. moving truck to Searcy.

June 1:  We chilled at my parent's house and continued to promote our moving sale items.

June 2:  The family (with my parents) headed into Little Rock.  We did some shopping, ate at a Greek restaurant, and kicked it around town.  (I got some new Apple products for doing business up here in Northern Virginia).

June 3:  We worshiped at Downtown, checked out the new tex-mex place in town, and enjoyed our Sunday afternoon.  In the evening, JR and I were able do our Scotland presentation for my parent's small group.

June 4-8:  These days have blurred together for me.  I know we wrapped and shipped the books we were selling on Amazon.  I worked on editing the wedding.  We promoted our Moving Sale...

One day, Naomi took the side-walk chalk my mom gave her and went to town with her drawing.

 This is one of my all-time favorite photos!

June 9:  Moving Sale day!  We were blessed by getting rid of a lot of our stuff.

June 10:  A second Sunday with the family at Downtown, lunch at the ARAMark cafeteria with the Mansurs, and then home.  I packed and JR went back and forth about getting another truck or leaving the items behind for my parents to sell.

June 11:  We decided we were going to rent a mini-van, but it wasn't available until Tuesday, so we put our travel plans on hold for a day.  I worked from Midnight Oil where I was blessed to see Lynn (Teague) Bruning and Jessie Cox.  Hannah stopped by after she got off work. 

June 12:  JR and Papa picked up the mini-van at 9 and by 11, we had a packed Camry and a packed mini-van and were ready to head out.  Papa and Mama prayed over us and we were off.  We stopped for lunch in Memphis.  The Kings met us at Chick-fil-A so we could let our kids play together one last time.  Gideon held onto Sydney so tight.  He didn't want to leave her behind.  :(

We made our customary good time and ended up at the Pigeon Forge exit for our stay in a hotel room.

June 13:  The family got up and got ready for our second day of driving.  We arrived in Fredericksburg, VA (at JR's dad's house) by dinner time.  Keith fixed us a lovely paleo meal of salmon, kale, sweet potatoes.  The kids INHALED it. :)

Here's how we found them sleeping when we went to bed:

June 14:  JR and I returned the mini-van, Keith and JR loaded up Keith's truck, and we headed to Faifax. 

We are currently living with Fred and Teresa McCain.  They left their back door open for us, and we invaded and unpacked before they ever got home.  There is plenty of space for us and we are enjoying getting to know the McCains.

June 15:  More unpacking and setting up... We had to stop by the FXCC office to use the printer so we could ship out more books we sold on line.

June 16:  We headed into DC today!  We had a picnic right by the Washington monument!

June 17:  This morning we were blessed by our new congregation.  They gathered around us and prayed over us.

We have been in the process of moving for over 2 weeks.  It's nice to be settled into our summer accommodations.

Please continue to pray for us as we set up a temporary life here in Northern Virginia as we prepare for our move to Peterhead.

We are still a few hundred dollars short for our trip to Peterhead next month, but we know the Lord will provide.  If you'd like to help out, we have a PayPal button on this blog and on our Mission Scotland page.


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