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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oh Happy Day! HST Graduation {May 12, 2012}

I don't have all the photos.  I was carrying my "big ole' honkin'" camera, so I couldn't hand it over to other because it has no auto setting.  But here are some of the photos I took of JR's graduation ceremony.

We are very proud of this huge accomplishment. 
Kelli watched the graduation via gmail video chat... for the rest of you... here's a glimpse:

(When I get the rest of the photos from Keith and Judy, I'll post some more.)

I also have another post in mind that is a before/after comparison of our life with HST.  Here's a sneak peek...
The old photo was taken when we dropped JR off for his first intensive class.



Deborah said...

Those are great. I especilly love the "comparison" photo. My, my, how things change in 3 1/2 short years!


Debra said...

I am so proud!!!