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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weekly Review {March 25-31}

I literally don't remember last week.

It's a blur.

I have moments...

At some point last week I realized (through "discussion" with JR) that I was dropping the ball on the housekeeping side of things. So I've been re-doubling my effort to remain faithful to a task to its completion and to clean as I go. (This is a life-long project for me.)

The kids had fun at school (here and away).

 Naomi had another soccer practice where they also took her photos. Adorable.

We had a great "Muppet" family night on Friday...

I've finalized the design for my personal trainer's web-site and logo...

 I had 3 photo sessions...

But the big deal of the week was Saturday morning: The Run for the Son.

JR has specific goals for himself. He wanted to beat his time last year... in fact, he was going to be disappointed in himself if he didn't finish before 23:40. AND... he wanted to win first place in his age bracket.

 ...waiting for the race to begin...

JR before the race.  (The 2 men in the background hung out at my house in 1996... now they are running with my husband... sometimes I just think life is funny and we live in a small world. -Micah Parkhurst and Colby Canterbury)

Let the race begin!
 Here is Gideon helping me get the settings right on my camera so I can grab a shot of JR as he passes the clock for his official time.  (See how far in advance I'm ready?)

 Here is the photo 4 seconds AFTER JR crossed the finish line.  I was being bossy and moving people out of my way to get the shot.  And then, as he crossed the line (at 22:05) I pressed the shutter and... my camera was off.  :(  Argh.

We are SUPER PROUD of JR and his ability to blow his goal out of the water!

Gideon had a soccer game, so I left the camera with Laura King and took the kids to G's game.  JR stayed for his award ceremony and then borrowed the King's car to join us.

 JR not only blew his goal time out of the water by over a minute and a half, but he also got first place in his age bracket and 3rd over-all.

I'm trying to keep track of this week better so that next week's post is longer. :)


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