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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week in Review {March 18-24}

This week seems like a blur.  But I have tons of photos to post.  So, here goes...

First an update on JR:  Since switching to Paleo, JR's body has undergone a massive transformation.  I mean, he started out looking very similar to G (;D) and now...
This is JR at 32, people!  And he just keeps getting more and more cut!  And he's getting pecks!  If he keeps eating like this I'm going to have to keep him on a leash to keep women from throwing themselves at him!

Moving on...
I cut G's hair:




He requested a faux-hawk for school (it was "wicked tall").

taken with Instagram
 This photo was snapped right before we headed to school.

Gideon has been doing better and better with his attitude about handwriting.  As his reading takes off, he enjoys being able to read and write his memory verses as part of his Kindergarten homeschooling.

taken with Instagram
(We do homeschool in our pjs... and for G, that usually includes the shirt he wore the day before.  That's how we roll.)
The week charged on towards Friday and NAOMI'S FIRST SOCCER PRACTICE!!!!

 Her team...

...listening to instructions...

... the prayer at the end of practice...
where Naomi wanted to play "like Gideon did"
JR's Victory Celebration from highschool soccer...

 Naomi said that she loved soccer practice.  She loves that JR is her coach.

It was adorable to watch. :)

The next night was G's first soccer game of the season:
 Naomi thinks she looks like a Rock Star in this photo.

And now on to the main event...

"Ms. Jessi" and "Mr. John" came to the game as well. :)

She was much happier at this game since she got to play with "Ms." Jessi. :)

See?... John was there too... :)

After the game we headed, with a picnic dinner, to a park so I could scout out a new photo session location.  The kids posed for me.

 Then the kids and JR headed to the play part of the park...

This post took FOR.EV.ER to get all the photos up here with our internet connection.

I hope you enjoyed all the photos and felt like you shared our weekend with us.
Until next week...

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