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Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekly Review Plus {April 1-9}

This week (current) is busy and I'm frantically trying to tie up loose ends before we head to Virginia tomorrow.

So... here we go with my review of last week:

This is how I've been doing Naomi's hair lately.  It usually stays out of her face this way.

One day last week, the kids were tired of playing by themselves outside, so I built them a fort in the living room.  They loved it!

Going against every "photographer" part of myself... Here are the kids class photos.

Naomi's class:

Gideon's class:

Gideon's shot of himself. (Last year his robes were blue... this year: red)

See... I don't really want physical copies of their class... we're gearing up for an international move.  I don't scrap book the kid's lives, so we really have no use for the photos.  So I didn't buy them.  But I wanted some record of them.

The photos were taken by Mike Carr Photography.

One evening this week, the kids played with the "Maxwell Boys"...

This week, due to Good Friday ect., the kid's soccer practices were cancelled.

Friday was the Orioles' Opening Day.

And... I got my hair cut.

Then the kids and I headed to Searcy for Spring Sing.  We drove into town in time to drop our stuff off at my parent's (full) house and grab a bite to eat.

We stopped at Sonic and the kids thought I was the "bomb dot com". :)
taken with Instagram

taken with Instagram

After I parked in the parking lot before the show, I was checking my teeth in the mirror.  Naomi climbed over the back seat and flipped down the other mirror.  She glanced in it saying, "I'm checking to see if I'm still beautiful.... YUP!  I'm still beautiful!"

(oh that we all had that self-confidence)

We all enjoyed the show.  Gideon's favorite (without a doubt) was the ComicCon show.  And Naomi liked naming all the colors she could see.  Craig Jones's impressions were also a big hit with the kids.  "Yoda" was their favorite. :)

Then Saturday we headed back to Memphis.  A few hours later, Katie stopped by to break up her journey back to Atlanta.

We made Resurrection Rolls (I think Katie took photos).

Sunday morning we celebrated our Risen Savior! with our church, came home for lunch, I snapped pics of the kids while I cooked lunch, and then we took some more photos too. :)

 After Katie left, the kids joined an Easter Egg Hunt on campus.

 Lots of the kids on campus...

 the hunt...

 checking out their stash...

Jared King and Kevin Burr love to tickle attack Gideon like this. :)

Today we are doing school, laundry, cooking, packing, finishing up our various projects, and gearing up for our trip to VA after everyone gets out of school tomorrow.

Please keep our trip in your prayers.  Please pray that God is glorified in us, our attitudes, and our presentations.  We are going to be presenting to Fairfax church of Christ so that we can work out the details of partnering together for the work in Peterhead.

Until next week...

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Megan said...

I want to say that Deborah's dad preached at Fairfax church. Is that right?

I pray it all goes well, Daisha. Am I understanding that you have found your funding for Scotland?