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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week in Review {March 4-10}

We are on Spring Break!!! (It's so nice.)

But, I haven't filled in the days since my last post.

JR was in an intensive course... the last of his degree!  The kids and I continued to do school... but we also PLAYED!

JR started teaching the kids how to play chess.

One night, after going to bed, the kids decided that they were going to wake up early and head downstairs for a game of chess before breakfast.  JR and I woke up to the sounds of them playing.
(We're raising nerds.)

 I think G looks great in this shirt. :)

"Are you done?!  Can I play outside now?!

One afternoon I made chocolate pudding out of avocados...

It was a huge hit!

I continued working out with Gerilyn.  She's getting me ready to work out with kettle bells.  I'm pretty pumped. 

JR and I were able to go on a double-date Friday night with Kyle and Becca Hooper while Ana Randolph babysat.

Saturday morning, JR had class, I packed us up, and as soon as his class was over, we hit the road for Tallahassee.

We're kickin' it here this week. 

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