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Thursday, March 8, 2012

I bet you're wondering...

...what we are eating these days.

And I'm not going to lie... the first week was rough.  I was following a Paleo meal plan that someone else made.

JR was strong and forced down the new foods to set a good example for the kids... but he was NOT really happy with the food.  Neither was Naomi.

But Sunday I decided to do my own thing.  And, boy howdy, did that make a difference!

Sunday we got home from church and I chopped up fresh oregano and rosemary with garlic and rubbed it on chicken breast and wrapped it in bacon.  (are you salivating yet?)  I threw those on the George Foreman grill and sauteed up kale and broccoli in some bacon fat.

It was a hit!  (a HUGE hit)

One night this week I seared up steak in a pan with a compound butter.  Even Naomi loved the steak and G was stealing steak from my plate.

JR was much happier. :)

Last night, however, everyone was singing my praises.  And it was the first time I had a camera ready to capture the goodness. :)

(Disclaimer:  I am a PEOPLE photographer... NOT a food photographer. :)  I left my camera in auto and snapped away.  And really... I don't know how PioneerWoman takes so many photos of each step.  And then plating it and photographing it... I just wanted to dive in! )

Last night I made Paleo biscuits with eggs, cheese (for everyone but me), and bacon with a side of kale.

First off... I sauteed the kale in bacon fat because, like broccoli, Kale's vitamins are fat soluble.  Plus, this is our favorite way to eat it. :)
The grain-free biscuits were AWESOME!
The whole family was excited to see bread on the table.  (Esp. Naomi)

Instead of a fried egg for the meal, I used a microwave thing that cooks eggs in a min.  Next time I'll do the fried egg.  The sandwiches were a little dry. ;)

I stacked up the ingredients, putting grass-fed cheddar on everyone's but mine, and served them up to thunderous applause... well... big smiles and quickly-emptying plates. ;)

Last night I also made some Paleo Banana Bread.  (I didn't put the chocolate in the recipe.)  We had it for breakfast this morning.  Naomi FINALLY enjoyed a paleo breakfast!!!

We are eating WELL.

And here's what I've observed from our 2 weeks gluten-free and sugar-free...

1.  I went from having a 100% guarentee of headache every day to only mild sinus headaches occasionally.  (Whoa, Nelly!)

2.  The kid's (and my) moods are much more EVEN. 

3.  Energy levels have been consistent without spikes and crashes.

4.  Food craving is GONE!  I mean GONE! 

5.  I have not lost any weight.  (and you're thinking... Girl! You eat bacon EVERY day!  Why would you expect to lose weight?!)  BUT... after 9 days I've lost 2 inches off of the measurement around my belly-button.  2 in.   9 days!  I will happily be this same weight the rest of my life if I can lose 2 in. every 9 days! 

6.  The kids are trying new foods.

7.  Veggies are awesome... and fruit is growing on me. :)  (not something I'd ever thought I'd type)

This way of eating may not be for everyone... but I'm certainly seeing the benefits of it.


Gerilyn said...

Love your experiences! :) Can't wait to hear more! :)

Anonymous said...

Do you think the dairy-free or gluten-free has made a bigger difference in your headaches? I try to stay away from gluten but dairy is next to impossible since Brandon LOVES milk & cheese. Any suggestions to help w/ migraines is always appreciated.
Jenn Goff Sale