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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Spring Break in Tallahassee... Highlights in photos...
Grandma had saved paper rolls and the kids were thrilled that they were allowed to spraypaint them.  They quickly became light sabers.

 Another craft the kids and I did was painting and putting together these wooden cars.
Since Gideon has been watching NASCAR races with JR, he's gotten back into cars.  You can hear him racing "Dale Uoonhot, Junia" against "Jeff Gooden". :)

Tuesday I took Naomi's 4 year old portraits.  Because neither of us do well when we are hot, we got up early and headed out for a 9 am session.  Naomi woke up with massive bug-bites on her body, so our first stop was WalMart to get Benadryl (which I gave her before we even left the store).

She was upset with me for "making" her wear the shirt I picked out.  She was itchy from the bug-bites and sleepy from the medicine... so I got little cooperation.  Here are some of the out-takes.

 Above is the original... below is how I edited it:

 Again... SOOC and below is the edited:

 Fake Smile...

 She finally started to loosen up because I said we were almost done.

 Above SOOC... Below, my edit:

I allowed her to change tops.  She was much happier... but she still didn't want me to take her photo.

Later that day, she was showing off a trick she does with a swing.   She twists the swing and hops on so that it spins her while she swings.  She thinks she's a genius!

One morning, G asked me to turn around in the kitchen so he could introduce me to his "friend".

 Wednesday we were blessed to be able to get together with Kime, Sara, Ada, and Sadie Jayne Landes.  The kids played together as if we'd never left!  

 After dinner with the Landes family we met up with Debby at nuberri.

Good stuff here, peeps, I'm not gonna lie. :)

(unfortunately I left my camera in the car)
We headed home and noticed the sky.
Crazy, huh?  It was beautiful and strange.  The sky all around this circle of deep purple was bright blue.

We did a lot of this:

 And this:
A little of this:
 (Can you believe that this is Naomi's 2nd bathing suit ever?  She's been wearing it since she was 18 months old!  It's a 3T.)

We went shopping... 
from my iTouch
We did not get this hat...

from my iTouch
 Naomi picked out this purse, named it "Monkey" and has been really girly about it.

from my iTouch
The story behind the photo of G comforting N is this:  For some reason, N was frustrated and swung her purse at G.  We told her to apologize and she broke down sobbing.  You see, she was mad at herself for losing control.  G, the injured party, immediately wrapped his arms around his sister and started comforting her.  (makes my heart swell)

 (the kids modeling their new sunglasses)

We went out to eat...
 We played our family's first game of Putt-Putt.  Actually Jr and I had never played together before.

By the 3rd hole Naomi asked if we were done yet (she asked out loud what I was thinking).  G LOVED playing, although he didn't like waiting for everyone.  Jr said that I was so bad, that had he known while we were dating, he might have reconsidered.  (I put just as well left-handed as right-handed.)   By hole 6, Naomi was putting her ball down 6 in. from the hole and putting from there.

But it was still a fun family time.

The kids loved having a fenced backyard and a swing set...

And bathtime...

First off, let me tell a story from my childhood.

In the summer of 1990, we were in a transition from Lexington, KY to Searcy, AR.  We had already sold our house, and were house-sitting for some friends from church.  This house was the fanciest house I'd ever stayed in.  And in my memory the master bathroom was the biggest I'd ever seen!  (I'm pretty sure it isn't really.)

They had a jacuzzi tub that was big enough for my ten-year-old self and my 8 year old sister, Claudia.  Well... I felt I was really too old for a shared bath, but this was a once-in-a-life-time bath opportunity.  So I wanted to make sure we had bubbles so I could be a little more modest.

Mom filled the tub with water and put a little bit of bubble bath into the water and left me and my sister to enjoy our BIG bath.

I turned on the jets.

Bubbles grew and grew.  It was so much fun!  Soon, I couldn't even see Claudia.  We were laughing and having a great time.

By the time my mom came back in to check on us, the bubbles were over both of our heads and bubble "clouds" were floating around the bathroom.

Mom was shocked!  But we thought she was M.A.D.  She very quietly told us that she was going to walk out of the room and when she came back, the bubbles had better be GONE.

Claudia and I freaked out.  Not knowing what to do, we shut off the jets, grabbed our towels and started popping all the bubbles in the towels.  

Mom came back in a few minutes later to two girls sitting in a plain bath.

To this day, Mom talks about it being a "sit-com" like moment.

Debby has a jacuzzi tub.  She usually uses it as a dirty clothes hamper, but was inspired by her friend, Jan, to let the kids take a bath in it.
This is what they looked like when I left.
And I came back to this:

So, naturally, I had to tell them my story...  :)

We had a great Spring Break.  Debby allows us to take over her home and pretend it's ours. :)

And now we are back in full-swing.  JR has had 3 tests in 2 days and has a paper due this week.  I've been setting up shoots with clients and ordering photos, designing new Subway Signs, homeschooling, housewifeing, ect...

We are 8 weeks away from graduation!


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