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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Week in Review {Feb. 26-March 3}

Maybe I should stop apologizing for posting on Tuesdays instead of Sundays and just accept that this is when I can get around to it.

Yup... that's my new plan. ;)

First off... here's the photo from last week that I mentioned:

Don't you love how she's holding the dinosaur's neck? :)

 This week started out rough. You see... JR had thrown out his back... and then got the flu. Sunday morning G woke up with a fever, and both of the kids had woken up in the night (very unusual). So... Sunday was a Momma-takin-Care-of-Everyone day.

However, even in his sick state, JR gets a prize for Dad-of-the-Year.

Everyone was better by Monday. And we had a normal day.

 Tuesday, we met my parents in Wynne for dinner. They are in South America for the semester and we wanted to squeeze in one more visit. :)

This week the weather has been really nice. Most afternoons, after we've finished up our homeschool, the kids play outside with the other kids on campus.

On Thursday, the weather was so nice that I surprised the kids with a trip to a park after school. We had our snack of oranges there. However, both kids were being REALLY whiny. I explained to them that the park was a treat, and that if they could not stop the whining we'd leave and try again another day. We were not at the park long at all. I will not tolerate whining/crying when we are supposed to be having fun. This really seems to work with my kids. They already know that if they want to stay at the park, they can't complain. (Just like they know that if they complain when we leave the Chick-fil-A play area, they don't get to play in it again.) I did get some shots of them enjoying their oranges before we left, though. :)

Friday was Gideon's first soccer practice!!! He was super excited.

Doesn't he look so big? 

 Naomi can't wait for her soccer practices to start!

 This is what you can find Naomi doing when she is at G's soccer practices.

She does not like waiting and not being able to play the game.

I think next time I'll bring her something to do. :)

She decided to tell me Knock-Knock jokes.  (oi!  her jokes...) ;)

Gideon really enjoyed his first soccer practice.  He's also excited that it's all boys.  He said, "Gills (girls) just SLOW me down!"

After the practice, we headed to the Red Box to pick out movies for "Family Movie Night".

Saturday morning I took Naomi to a birthday party at Gymstars.  I thought she'd love it... but she was SO hesitant to do anything, and didn't want to participate.  (I find this frustrating.)

 I convinced her to bounce on this.  She loves them at school.

 Oh how she HATED THIS!!!

Here she is with the birthday girl (center).  Naomi and Adelaide have a great time in school together.

Sunday, JR presented the lesson at Grace Crossing.  He did such a great job.  His ease in front of an audience grows every time he has an opportunity to share God's Word.  I couldn't be prouder of him.

And later that night, we both were used in a sketch for Kid's Community.  The kids heard us practicing in our room and knocked on the door to ask us to stop fighting.  The sketch was of 2 kids who were arguing over a game console and needed to used self-control.

Boy were our kids laughing when they saw us perform at Kid's Community. :)  (sorry... no pictures)

And life continues...
This week is "Intensive Week" and next week is Spring Break.  Man! This year is flying by...

 Here's a little preview of this coming week...


omahonyfamily said...

What a wonderful blog. I love the soccer pictures. I just wanted to say that about 6 months before we left for Ireland, Dermot also put his back out - he had to speak in front of the church and it hurt so bad he was pretty much holding himself up by the arms while speaking.

He had an MRI and a visit to the dr. The dr. mentioned that often men who keep their wallets in their back pockets can slowly put their spine out of alignment, and then one day the muscles seize up. Dermot keeps his wallet in his front pocket now and has fewer issues.

But I also know that spiritual attack can come disguised as physical attack. We often pray for the health we need to do what God wants us to do. You guys have a plan to impact a country that needs an infusion of faith.

Looking forward to future blogs!

Hannah said...

From someone who's always wanted longer legs: Naomi's legs look so LONG in the picture of her kicking the soccer ball! That girl is going to be tall. (In comparison to her mother, for which I am thankful.) ;)

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