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Monday, February 27, 2012

Week in Review {Feb. 19-25}

Well... this week has no photos because I took (and left) my camera upstairs. :)

By the time I got around to blogging last week it was already Tuesday (I think).

Wednesday Naomi had her 4-yea-old well-kid check-up.  In addition to their normal check-up I also asked if they would advise me on her stomach problems and get her ready for Kindergarten this fall. (crazy... but I'll explain)

Stomach Problems:  Since birth Naomi has had intestinal problems.  They are mild and not anything that we had huge problems with.  She was just usually a little constipated.  Well we found "Good Belly" (a probiotic drink) that I gave her when we first got back from California.  She was going regularly and without pain!!!  We called it a success.  But then a week later she complained of a stomach ache every time she ate.  For a month she's been complaining of her tummy hurting.  And whenever I asked her to point to where it hurt, she always pointed to the top of her tummy.

Because of Naomi's issues, I've been reading a LOT about nutrition.  (more on this in a bit)

The Dr. gave her some heartburn medicine that we are supposed to try.  (Naomi hates it.)

Naomi did great at her check-up.  She was 39 pounds and 39.5 inches. :)  She is no longer ">99%".  :)

Getting her ready for Kindergarten:  If we were staying in the States, Naomi would not start Kindergarten until fall 2013.  However, in Scotland she would/will start Primary 1 this fall.  Since we plan on raising the kids in the British school system, I want her to be on track when we get there.  So, since we feel like she is capable of handling the schoolwork, we are getting her ready for that step for this fall.

However, this meant that she ended up getting 4 shots at the appointment.  She let everyone know in no uncertain terms that she wanted us to "STOP!".  But she got over it quickly when I showed her where I got MY booster shot (right in the middle of the "cheek").

While N and I were at the dr.s office, JR and Gideon wrestled and played.  JR, however, did something to his back. 

Wednesday afternoon JR and I got to Skype with several of the men from the church in Peterhead.  It was so good to see them (Billy Strachan, Michael Gaunt, Alex Shoney Strachan, Alec-John, and the hand of John Cowie).  Skype is an amazing tool that makes our world a little smaller. :)

Thursday, while the kids were at school, JR had plans to watch the Daytona qualifying with a friend, but I almost didn't let him go.  JR's back was causing him more pain than he's ever experienced.  He almost passed out!  But I couldn't persuade him to stay home or let me take him to the dr. 

When the kids got out of school on Thursday I surprised them by taking them to a park where Daniel and Shelby Hallett were playing.  (They thought I pretty much rocked!)

Thursday night JR and I took our new friends, Client and Gerilyn Burnett, to Fred Astaire.  By bringing guests, we got to earn more free dance lessons.  The 4 of us had a great time.  And everytime JR and I got to dance together we laughed the whole time.  It was great.

Friday, JR still was not doing well... his back was killing him.

I spent the day getting ready for a new venture on which our family is embarking:  Eating Paleo.

Remember up above where I said I'd been doing a lot of research on nutrition?  I was trying to make sure that I was feeding Naomi things that wouldn't hurt her stomach.  I learned so much more!

Back in the fall was when I first came across Paleo (or Primal) Eating.  (You know, when I was finding out about washing my face with honey and making my own laundry detergent.)  It turns out that my new friend, Gerilyn, is a "vitality expert" and is a Paleo advocate.  I read her site, I borrowed a book, I checked out the links she sent to me.

You see, I've long suspected that sugar CAUSES a lot of my headaches.  But I also lack the will power to stay away from it. :(

What I learned from my research is how political our nutrition advice has become.  I have become more educated about grains.  (yikes!) 

So... Saturday began a 30-day Paleo challenge.  We are sugar free, gluten-free, and dairy-free.  For 30 days.  

The kids are helping me cook more (so they have more buy-in for the foods we're eating).  But Naomi keeps asking for granola bars.   JR (with the flu on top of his back problems) really wanted cheese and crackers... and an energy drink. :(  Gideon has just been missing his always-requested dessert.

I think they are still detoxing from the sugars and grains... but I (who had given those up a week earlier) have already passed that first phase.  And I feel great!

Gerilyn is even teaching me how to work out less and get great results.  (I am ALL ABOUT THAT!)

So... that's been our week.
Sorry no pictures.  (I actually took one of Naomi.  She fell asleep one night with a pile of toys in her bed and her hand wrapped around the neck of her brontosaurus.  But it's on the camera... upstairs... and I worked out today and my legs are like jello---from a 5 min. workout.)


(P.S.  I'm also working on figuring out how to add a vertical header instead of a horizontal one, so for those of you who've noticed that there is no header:  Kudos to your observation.) :)

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