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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekly Review--Late Edition {Feb. 12-19}

Sorry this is coming a little later than my Sunday resolution.  I was traveling... more on that later.

I finally snapped a photo of Naomi and her cool back pack from the Porches.
This thing is really cool.  It opens up into a "castle" with a slide into a swimming pool.  Naomi loves playing with it.  And it makes it easy to transport her little play-things.

This week I actually remembered to take some shots of G doing kindergarten!

 Here he is doing one of his math assignments.  The curriculum we use (RightStart Mathmatics) is mainly game-based and has very little worksheets/assignments.  He LOVES doing math!
Here he is using his knowledge of the abacus to reinforce his tens and ones comprehension.  The thing he didn't like most about this assignment was the fact that he had to use glue. :)

He's loving playing "Go Fish" with the deck provided by the curriculum.  Instead of trying to make matches, you ask for the number that adds up to 10 with the number in your hand.  When we first started playing the game, he had the abacus next to him.  Now, however, he can play the game without it.  He has such a blast doing this.  (And I think he likes the one-on-one time with me.)

Valentine's Day 2012:

This year I didn't make a big deal about the Valentine's shots.  The kids had a big day at school with the Valentine's and class parties.  Other than that, this day was fairly normal.

(I cannot... CANNOT believe how old G (especially) looks in these photos!)

Wednesday night, John Berger stopped by to share a chess video with JR.  These nerds...
(Aren't they cute sharing those headphones?) ;)

Also, Wednesday was when I started selling Subway Signs to help raise set-up funds for our move to Peterhead, Scotland.  Go check them out!  Order something or suggest a new sign.

Here Naomi is modeling the new shirt she got in the mail from Grandma.  She insisted on wearing it to school.

I'm including this shot because, with her side-ways mouth, she's saying, "Grand-MA!"  This kid has some crazy facial expressions!

On Friday, Hannah Dixon Wood came by and picked me up for our Girl's Weekend "Ou" IV.  I'll write more about that below.

The kids and JR had some adventures of their own. :)  

Gideon and JR went to see Star Wars Episode I in 3D.  While they were there, Naomi joined the King girls for a Girls Night of their own.

 Naomi normally doesn't want to hold "Baby" Jade when Laura asks.  But she finally was convinced to try it.   (I can't believe how much N looks like me in this photo!)

N always has such fun with the Kings.  We are really blessed by their family.  And it is going to be REALLY sad when these girls don't get to play together all the time. :(

I asked JR to take photos while I was away...  He took a photo of Naomi watching her Saturday morning cartoons:

And here is Gideon, in our bed, at 10:30 Saturday morning.  This kid already sleeps and eats like a teenager! :)

JR enjoyed the Bud Shoot-out Saturday night... and it seemed that my presence was not greatly missed. :)

Meanwhile... I was in Nashville with my girls!

Hannah and I stopped for lunch at the Bronte Cafe before heading out of Memphis.  We didn't have any driving directions or GPS, and fearlessly followed the signs that said, "Nashville."  :)

At around 4 we hooked up with Katie Johnston (who became our GPS).  Our weekend was filled with good friends, good food, and good shopping.

We stayed with my cousin, Elaina.  And when we got to her place, Jessi Berger (wife of the chess-nerd above) was at Elaina's house visiting one of her room-mates.  Small world, huh?

It was so great to visit with 2 of my long-term closest friends.  God is moving in all of our lives and it is wonderful to share life's most important things together.

We laughed so hard we cried (and Katie spewed water everywhere). :)  I am blessed beyond measure by these godly women who have been a substantial part of my life since 1993 (Hannah) and 1996 (Katie).

Sunday after visiting Woodmont Hills (a truly great experience in worship, study, and fellowship), we ate lunch with Ashley Ganus (whom facebook has been telling me for months to "friend") and then we headed back to our respective homes.

But I got to keep Hannah one more night.

We got back to Memphis in time to pick up and prepare dinner for my family who were returning from church.  Then we all sat down to "Once Upon a Time".  As soon as that was over, we rushed the kids up to bed so that Hannah and I could watch "Downton Abbey."

"D.A." ended at 9:35 and we wanted to catch the 9:45 showing of "Woman in Black".  We moved in orchestrated precision (who am I kidding... this is me and Hannah!) and got to the movie before previews, got great seats, and were even able to take turns in the restroom before the movie began!  While not as scary as the play we saw in London in 2000, this was really creepy.  However, we feel that there is a 45 sec. scene at the end where they try to make things less creepy that the movie would be stronger without.  :)

Well... that wraps up last week.

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