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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week{ish} in Review {Jan. 6-14}

It's hard to believe that we were still in California last week.  But... we were. :)

Our last Saturday in Pasadena was when Brent, Kelli, Rachel, and Simon flew back home to Warsaw.  Before they headed out, we got some photos (as we always do):

the four cousins...
...4 different cousins (Parker, Cory, Kelli, JR)
our kids with Great-Grandpa Gene
...add in Great-Grandma Judy...
So when Kelli saw G in his jersey back in the fall, she e-mailed me to tell me that Rachel's team name was "Arsenal" and they were red and white.  How weird is that?!  So, of course, we made sure to pack the jerseys to get a photo of the kids together.  What are the odds of two cousins in different continents end up with the same team name and colors?
Wanna' see something else so freaky that JR was compelled to take a photo of it?
This is the Excedrin bottle exactly as it looked when JR opened it.  Weird, right? :)
The next few days we helped wind down things.  We got Debby off back to Florida on Monday... after helping her find the cutest "Thoroughly Modern Millie" hat.  The kids played with G'G'ma Judy and Great Aunt Diane... We enjoyed the sunshine.

JR and I were able to have a date at the Cheesecake Factory.  (We joked about running into Sheldon Cooper and the gang.)  We know we're nerds.  We roll with it.

Monday "prevening" (as Sheldon would say) I took photos of JR's cousins at the nearby park.  (These photos will show up on my web-site eventually.)

After the session was over, I snapped some shots of my kids loving California life.

(We can't loose G'G'pa in that bright jacket!)

Tuesday we headed back home to cold Memphis, via Little Rock.

Wednesday we prepared for the kid's first day of school.

Thursday I've already blogged about.
Friday I did Kindergarten with Gideon.  
During the afternoon, Naomi and I had a "Baby JoJo Date" to see "Beauty and the Beast" in 3D.

  And Friday evening the kids introduced us to "Spy Kids 2" for family movie night.

The rest of our week, we have been getting back on Central time zone and enjoying our last few days of "break".
We exchanged one of Naomi's duplicate presents and since there were Littlest Pet Shop sets on clearance, she got to get 4 presents in the exchange.  (not bad, huh?)

Kelli lent us her 2 seasons of "Community" on DVD and we are enjoying the cleverness.

And that's a break-down of our week.

Here's a shout out to my sister, Claudia, who is 30 today!  Happy Birthday.  We'll head upstairs where we have reception and try giving you a call. :)


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