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Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Day at Germantown Mother's Day Out

Homeschooling is going well. The kids are both reading, G is on track with math and handwriting. However, Kindergarten is more than just book learning... a lot of Kindergarten is social. And I'm not able to provide this for him. On top of that, with our plans for the fall being up in the air... and me not knowing if Naomi will have another year of "preschool", or start Primary 1 (in Scotland), or Kindergarten somewhere here in preparation for Scotland... I wanted Naomi to have a school experience away from me and Gideon for ease of transition.

Enter "Germantown church of Christ Preschool"... G is in the 5 year old class and Naomi is in the 3 year old class. And today, they finally got to join their new classes.

Here they are waiting for time to leave:

Here's the big girl on her first day of (away from me) school:

And Gideon:

He's always excited to meet and play with new people:

See... she really was excited.

 Whoo Hoo!

Heading to the car...

In front of the school...

Naomi had no problem going into her class and making herself at home.  She barely even said good-bye to me.

G had already started playing.  See? he's showing us a car.

After making sure G was settled, I glanced back to check on N.

And then back at G...

 The kids both came home talking about how much fun they had.  What a blessing this will be!
***UPDATE***  I can't believe that I forgot to post what Naomi said about her day!  As I was getting her in her pajamas tonight N talked my ear off about preschool.  Apparently she played Queens/Princesses with "Add-O-Lay" (I'm pretty sure the little girl's name is Adelaide, but I could be wrong.  N insisted she had it right.)  And they also played "Princess Cars".  N had the pink car, but didn't want it, so "Add-O-Lay" traded her purple car.  Naomi also told me that there is a kid in her class named "Spray Paint".  Although upon further reflection, she decided that his name was just "Spray".  And there either is a little girl with no parents named "Purple", or they read a story about "Purple."   There you have it.  Oh, and her teacher mentioned how much Naomi loved the bouncy ball at recess (you know the kind with the handles on them).  

Gideon, apparently, volunteered to lead both prayers today.  His teachers said that they were beautiful. ***END OF UPDATE (for now)***

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