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Monday, January 9, 2012

Picking Up Where I Left Off...

January 5:  Knott's Berry Farm

As you can see...

G continues his love of maps when
we go places... ;)

The park was a lot of fun!  I'd never been before.  The opening part was very similar to Silver Dollar City (which we were supposed to visit in December with my side of the family, but couldn't).  We did some things with all of us together.
The log ride was a huge hit with everyone.  Naomi went 3 times and Gideon went 5 times!

The Tea Cups were next (Kelli, JR, and I opted out). :)

Then everyone but JR got on the Ferris wheel.  In this photo, you can actually see all of us if you look hard enough!
After this ride, Brent, JR, and I headed off to catch the roller coasters.  The camera stayed with the kids and Debby and Kelli.

(All 4 grand-kids in age order)

The fellas and I re-joined our families in time for the carousel.
We got in as many rides as we could and really soaked up our day at Knott's Berry Farm.

January 6:
With Kelli et al leaving on Saturday, Friday was spent packing and playing, and wrapping up our time in Southern California.  One of the stops that we wanted to make was to visit Debby's mother's grave-site.

Kelli really wanted a 4-generation photo.

 These are the "Joyces":  Maxine Joyce, Debra Joyce, Kelli Joyce, Rachel Joyce

 JR and Kelli remembering their Grandma...

After paying our respects, we headed out to lunch.

When the lighting was right ;) we headed to the nearby park for me to get photos of the fam:
JR's side of the family
Brent, Kelli, Rachel, and Simon
Brent and Kelli
 Rachel Joyce (age 6)
Simon Brent (age 3)

Debby with all her grand-kids

Brent snapped a photo of me and JR after I took his photo with Kelli.
The rest of the evening we helped Kelli find all the kids' things and watched "Community".
Saturday and Sunday were spent relaxing and visiting with family.  Naomi and Gideon both had fevers Sunday.  JR thoroughly enjoyed the Bronco game yesterday.
Today I've done laundry and packed up our stuff (it's all fitting into our original bags!!!).

Tonight JR and I are having a date in the Pasadena Cheesecake Factory.  I wish "Penny" from "Big Bang Theory" could be our waitress.  But I guess since BBT isn't real, I'll have to keep wishing. ;)

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