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Sunday, January 8, 2012

600th Post!

This morning, since both of my children have fevers :(, we are staying put at Great-Grandpa and Great-G'ma Judy's house.

This past week has been full and busy.

I got to do something that I've been wanting to do since Mimi talked about it every year when I was a little girl:  go see where they work on the Tournament of Roses Parade floats!

Debby, Kelli, Naomi, Rachel, and I headed out to view the floats in progress.  If you'd like to see more of the photos, CLICK HERE to view them on facebook.

The morning of the parade we woke up and headed down to the parade route.  Since there were so many of us, Grandpa ran a "shuttle" to and from the house.  Well... "Grandma" went down with all 3 kids first and by the time Brent, Kelli, Simon, and I joined them there were 4 cotton candies being consumed by very sticky children.

(he posed like this for the photo)
(the birthday girl on her 6th b-day)

(the culprit) 

After we got them cleaned up, we took our positions for the parade.
After watching this parade every year, it was really amazing to be here in person.

I took tons of photos... but if you saw the parade, I don't want to take up space here.  A few more photos were posted HERE on facebook.

After the parade, since it was Rachel's birthday, the girls all headed to Panera for lunch and then we got our nails done.  

 Naomi kept stealing the lettuce from everyone's plate.  (weird, right?)

Rachel enjoyed her HUGE chocolate peppermint cookie.

 Naomi was so proud of the glittery purple polish she picked out.  She sat so still the entire time.  :)

The manicurist even put little flowers on the girls' thumbs.

 When we got back home, (after dinner) we had a cake and sang to both girls.  Their birthdays are just a month apart.  (man, it freaks me out to see N with a "4" in front of her... my baaaby!)

So... Jan. 2 is pretty well blogged now. :)

January 3 we all packed up and headed to Santa Monica Pier. (Kelli took all the photos this day)
~~except this one~~

January 4th the 4 "parents"  (JR, me, Kelli, and Brent) got to head into Hollywood all by ourselves!

We had a great time walking around by the Chinese theatre.  JR and I had been there before when he brought me out here when we were engaged.

(This is us then)
(This is us now)

After we walked around, we drove past Paramount Studios (straining to see if one of the cast of Big Bang Theory were walking around).  Paramount has been very good to us:  Star Trek, BBT, Community (and I'm sure there are more). :)

We drove past the driveways of some movie stars and then headed up to Griffith Observatory. 

The views from up here were amazing!  (and my camera ran out of batteries)  We got more photos with the Bigham's camera (with my lens) but I don't have them.

We stayed for the show.  And all I can say is, "God is Awesome!"  I cannot fathom how people see the vastness of space and think that God could be small.

We had an incredible day!

January 5:  Knott's Berry Farm!!!!!!

(But I'll get into that in another post.)

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