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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gideon's First School Valentine's Party

It has arrived.  The day that Valentine's cards become important in a child's life is upon us.

G and I had a special photo shoot where he was sporting his Batman shirt (and in some shots he was holding some Super Hero Squad "Squaddies").  Here is the photo that was the main part of his Valentine's this year:

 This I ordered as wallet-sized photos so that we could glue them onto Red Card-stock.


Then, and this is the part that I'm most proud of... Gideon addressed EVERY Valentine.  A big shout-out to Nicole McIntyre for the idea of using high-lighter to help him form the words and get the spacing more even.


After he'd addressed all of them (and added a heart to JUST Mia's) we glued a Kit-Kat to each one.

(The adults LOVED his Valentine!)

I signed up to be one of the parents at the party and I took my d40 (my small camera).  I got a good sampling of the well-behaved class.  As you look through the slide-show at the end, you will notice times when the kids are sitting without a teacher.  They responded to musical cues and the teachers were able to get a lot of prep work done while the kids were following musical directions.  (I've been in a lot of preschool and kindergarten rooms and I was IMPRESSED!)


This kid LOVES his school!


Mia Claire is a big reason why G loves school so much. ;)

She's really sweet and seems to think just as highly of Gideon as he thinks of her.

The party seemed to be fun for everyone involved. The games... the excessive amounts of ice cream with unlimited toppings, the story...

Enjoy the slide-show!


Debra said...

What a great class! and special teachers!

Debra said...

And a very special mama for giving G a very special V day!

Debra said...

I am proud of you, Gideon!!

Christine Parker said...

G is awesome!! Noah had his fist love in pre-k. For years after they both moved on to other schools he talked of marrying her someday. It wasn't until this year that he fell in love again. But boy did he, head over heels!! And listening to him describe his devotion is the best! I have a feeling Noah and Gideon are so very similar. Keep enjoying the ride!!