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Friday, February 18, 2011

Naomi's 3rd Birthday Party

Naomi's 3rd Birthday Party was "Hello, Kitty" themed. Instead of doing my normal cupcakes, I decided (since I wasn't doing much other decorating for our small party) to make her a "Hello, Kitty" cake.


With the left over cake (left from cutting out the shape) I made Cake Balls with an "N" in chocolate. Naomi loved the cake. And I'm told (by people who went back for seconds) that the cake was delicious.

We got a great surprise when Aunt Claudia
and cousin Kaden showed up for the celebration.
Claudia did a great job documenting the surprise with her camera over on her blog.

Naomi enjoyed all of the attention and the gifts. Since we only invited one little friend for Naomi, I got them matching sunglasses as their party favors. Here Sydney King and Naomi are modeling their "BFF glasses".

For more photos from the party, watch this:


Christine Parker said...

Naomi's bday party pics are not showing up on my laptop. Boohooo!! Do I need a plug-in or some sort of thingy?

Daisha said...

Christine-- If you were able to see G's slide-show you should be able to see this one. Sorry!