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Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break!!!

I'm having a hard time juggling this blog, the d'Lifeful blog, the Opportunity Scotland blog, d'Lifeful's facebook page, Opportunity Scotland's facebook page, MY facebook page and running a home, and raising children and being a supportive wife.  (Hence the gaps in posting.) :)

This past week was Spring Break! and we could not have been more ready for it.

On our way down to Tallahassee, we stopped by Carrollton, GA to visit with the Mosiers.  The kids did so nicely playing together, that I didn't even see them much.  So I never pointed my camera at them.  Instead, I helped Kristen get her new pilates studio photographed!  We all had a blast reconnecting with friends that are more like family.

While in Tallahassee, we chilled with Debby.  The kids played outside, JR and I caught up on all our favorite HGTV and cable news shows.  JR and I saw "Adjustment Bureau" while Debby took the kids to see "Tangled" (again).

I left my computer and camera tucked inside my bag.  I didn't miss either.

However, one night, both kids were waiting for Debby for "cuddle time".  Since they were both in the recliner, they decided to cuddle with each other while they waited.

I love how G has his arm around N!


Saturday I finally got out my computer so that we could order Debby some new photos. While we were busy working on that project, the kids were busy with a "project" of their own...







I guess we could've stopped them from drawing all over each other. But it just seemed funnier that we photographed them. (it all washed off)

After bath-time, the kids and Debby played Candy Land. There was much laughter coming from the kitchen.


Sunday JR taught a combined adult class and preached at Meridian Woods. We were blessed with our time there.

If you want to hear his 35 min. sermon, go check it out. It's all on line this time!

We are back in Memphis.  Naomi and I have 6.5 weeks before we leave for Scotland!  7.5 weeks 'til the fellas join us.  Here we go...

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