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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dinotopia: The World Beneath

The kids LOVED this book. There are enough pictures to keep them engaged. In fact, the kids made a game of being the first to identify the picture in the story if it was featured on the cover. (They like to "make a match".) Plus, the illustrations are beautifully done.


I know that G and N didn't understand the extensive vocabulary in the book, or the scientific terms, but they did understand the story. And they saw me have to sound out words (which I'm hoping will be an encouraging memory when G struggles with the patience required to sound out words when learning to read).

Not only is the story exciting, the chapters are short enough that the kids would often request more than one chapter at a sitting. Also, each illustration is accompanied by more background information as well as maps and charts. (very educational)


We love this book!


emily said...

caroline LOVES finding the "cover picture" in our books too. :) and she points it out evvvvery time, even when it's the same book over and over.

Jacque said...

Hey Daisha - I LOVED the 2 Dinotopia books when I was a kid. I think they had just come out then. Unfortunately, the movie doesn't follow the original story, but it's also pretty good. I used to love creating my own "island" and drawing maps of what would be there. I also loved it when they visit the treehouse city (in the original book) - I remember making my own "tree house village" in my room. love it!