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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Feuding" with the Neighbors

The kids newest play-mate is Sydney. She's an adorable one year old whose back door opens up to our back door. Whenever the kids see her outside, they rush to put on their shoes and go and play with her.

Even in the extreme heat, they cannot wait to play with her. And yesterday Sydney's parents were both out. "Mr." Jared and "Ms." Laura are great fun to play with. Jared and Gideon had a sword fight. A comment was made that Naomi needed a helmet after she was hit in the head, so she ran in and got "danetet" as her helmet. Then Sydney and Gideon ganged up on her. :)

They all had a blast! Here's to many more opportunities for impromptu feuds (esp. as the weather cools off.)


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