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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Preschool Plan


We will begin our preschool this coming Monday, Aug. 23.

When I finish with this post I will have a few crafty things to make in preparation, but we are all getting really excited about this, and I'm more ready than I was last spring.

Drawing from the Charlotte Mason ideas about early childhood education, we will be focusing on establishing good habits that will be with the kids throughout their lives.

Here is our basic schedule:
*Wake up
*15 min. of independent Bible reading (I will read from my Bible... the kids will have their choice of their picture Bibles to look through on their own)
*15 min. of light exercise (dancing to music, push-ups, sit-ups, stretches)
*Get Ready-- get dressed, brush teeth, hair, make bed
*Morning Meeting (discuss the plan for the day as well as Bible verse for the week and work on calendar items, ie days of the week, months, ect. and weather)
*READ our Before Five in a Row ("BFIAR") and other books aloud
*Cleaning chore for the day (This summer I gave each day a specific chore and it's been helping me keep on top of all the chores better)
*Table Time (craft, coloring, cutting, writing)
*Game Time
*BFIAR activity
*FREE TIME (while I make lunch)
*Chapter Book Reading
*Naomi down for nap while Gideon gets a reading lesson

It sounds like a whole lot when I type it out, but each segment should only take about 15 min. There is a lot of play involved. A lot of reading... and my kids LOVE this kind of thing. In fact, today, Gideon wanted to "play preschool" and he was the teacher. He structured our lessons around Jesus. After our "circle time" he had us draw pictures of Jesus while we listened to Seeds Family worship. Then he put on a "show" for us. Then we went back to the "craft" area and he had us draw pictures of the cross. He was very complimentary of my drawings, and hung them on the fridge. :)

In addition to working on good habits, we will be working on obedience and our attitudes.

Also we will be changing our before-bed routine. During cuddle time we will be reading through the DK Illustrated Family Bible.

I have the first 3 weeks already marked out in my great planner. I'm on top of things this time, peeps!

I plan to give detailed reports each week to keep me accountable and organized, as well as documented. :)



Megan said...

Wow Daisha. That is a lot of great stuff for homeschool resources. Thanks for the links. I looked at every one of them. I will eventually be supplementing Ana's curriculum that she gets here. I will really enjoy reading your reflections on this. Have you looked at the Pioneer Woman's tab on homeschooling? She keeps a blog on her experience and I enjoy it.

I LOVE the look of that Family Bible. Are they selling them in bookstores or only off of Amazon near you?

Deborah said...

You homeschool moms amaze me...and remind me why I am not cut out for the job! I can easily teach 22 of someone else's kids, but please do not make me teach my own!