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Friday, January 8, 2010

Help a girl out...

I'd love to win some free hats from this store on Etsy.com.

They are adorable.

I'm actually working out a deal where the owner/artist is sending me a hat to use in Naomi's 2 yr. portraits in exchange for cross advertising.

Well, I'm going to start advertising now b/c she is running a promotion to help get her facebook page to have more fans.

The more people I refer to her site who become fans and leave a message that they were referred by me, the better chance I have of getting more hats. (And what better way to stock up on photography props than to get them for free, right?) :)

So... sign into your fb account, type in:


become a fan and leave a comment mentioning I sent you.


I appreciate it.
Check out her shop here.

1 comment:

David, Deborah, Abigail and Anna Jane said...

Your right cute hats - DONE