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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day!!

Gideon has been praying for snow every week since he found out we were moving away from Florida, and today, when I pulled back his bedroom curtains he said, "
I prayed for snow!"

We all ate breakfast, got layered up, and headed out the door.

This was the kid's first experience with snow. (I mean, our apt. complex brought fake snow to the parking lot when G was 19 mon. old, but that doesn't count. --and apparently I only took a video of it and never got it up on the blog--)

So, back to today...

We used the box from the photos I ordered (see post below, or check out www.DLifeful.com) as a sled. It worked ok... But then JR remembered his snow board. And, boy, was that fun! I even got on it myself.

**I've been bitten by the snow boarding bug. If any well-to-do family would like to send me and JR on an all-expenses-paid snow boarding trip (we'd prefer Loon Mt. in New Hampshire where JR learned), we will be willing to accept your generosity. :P**

We had a great time goofing off in the dusting that for us was a "big snow". After Naomi had had about all she could take, we came inside for hot chocolate with marshmallows and sat in front of "Transformers". (G got the old-school first season on DVD for Christmas.)

Fun was had by all... I'll let the very long slide show show you.


Debra said...

I am so glad you guys enjoy your kids so much. Is G really snow boarding? He has great form. N is a beautiful snow bunny!

Kelli said...

my mom just said "great form." :)