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Monday, June 1, 2009

Pictures from 2005!!!

Mike James, the photographer from our wedding, has gone back through our photos (which we never got around to ordering in the shock of finding ourselves pregnant and in uber-savings mode) and re-edited some using the newer technologies. He has reposted our photos and they can be seen here.

Click on the "Ordering" tab at the top. Near the top of the next page is a hyperlink that says "Login to your password protected gallery" -- click this. On the next page, you insert the password -- daisha -- (all lowercase) in the blank. Note that they are in categories. You can look at them as a continuous slide show, or individually. You can also see what each image looks like as monochrome (black and white) by clicking on one of the "sizes" in b&w -- e.g. "4x6b&w". The pictures have the word "proof" across each, but if your cursor is "on" the picture, the word disappears. Note that these images are NOT high resolution images that would be good to use for anything other than viewing on a computer screen as small images.

Here's what Mike says about the photos:
In looking back at these 4-year-old images, I'm really amazed at how much WE have changed! We've now migrated to quite a bit more "relaxed" journalistic style (when the wedding party displays such!) but still use many traditional techniques, too. And better digital cameras and lighting allows for more available light and directionally-diffused artificial light -- all of this was impossible in 2005. But now, the tools are so much better! (And we look for different things, too!)

Enjoy walking down memory lane. I did.

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