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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Snaps of Gideon

Gideon's party was today and I managed to lose ALL 200 pictures. Luckily Kristen took a few. I'll get those pics up later.

And tonight, for some shooting practice with my new camera (which, btw, is not named "bokeh", bokeh is a photography term), I took some pictures of Gideon. I may use these as his 3 yr. shots. But I may try cleaning him up and putting him in a different shirt for a more "formal" look. We'll see...

But, here you go.


Kelli said...

i'm so sorry you lost all the pictures! that is a huge bummer. but you do have some good shots here! i especially like the one with the flag. :) can't wait to see more pictures!

Kim Hodges said...

Really good, Daisha.

Tiffany said...

ewww... bummer. One of my biggest fears is losing pictures from a photo shoot! My favorite picture in this slide show is where Gideon is looking into the distance with the flag in the background. :) great!