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Monday, June 1, 2009

Going with the Pictures I Have

Hopefully today when I do G's official photo shoot, he will let me take a picture of him in his race car.

The party was great. Everyone had a blast. None of the kids fought over which kid got to be which car. All the babies got a turn in at least one car...

G chose Cookies and Cream cupcakes which we made with Oreos with blue filling. Those were a hit too.

And, after losing even more photos, I don't think it's my new memory card at all. I think it is my photo editor, Picasa. I recently downloaded the newest version. But, man, do I need to get this problem fixed.

Also, on a non-related note: I'm thinking about making my blog "go private". Yes, I usually am the one leaving the comments about how inconvenient that is... but if I'm going to have an on-line presence on the web for photography, I'm not sure I want people to be able to read all about my family when they originally just wanted to see my photos. We'll see. I'm just toying with the idea.


Katherine said...

Those cars are absolutely adorable!!!! What a great idea! Creative Mommy you are! :)

Shelley said...

I love the little cars! What a cute idea! I wish you lived closer, I would borrow those for Easton's b-day. He has been saying he wants a "Cars" theme this year. ha ha! That must have taken you a while to make all those. It looks like Gideon had a great party. I am so sorry about your pictures. That would just make me sick! Thankfully you do have some.

Talk to you soon!

emily said...

so cute!!! what a great idea!

ok, i am wondering if your pictures are still somewhere on your computer.... i haven't used picasa that much, but when i did use it, it took me a while to realize that the pictures are not actually stored IN picasa. picasa is just pulling the pictures from another place and editing them, etc. in its application. SO you may already know that. :) sorry if you did. but i was thinking that perhaps you thought the pictures were gone when really they are stored somewhere else.... just an idea. unless you actually chose to delete the pictures from your computer, i would think that they have to be there somewhere! (several times, i have thought i've lost things, and brian was able to find them...) have you tried doing a global search on your computer for a certain image number that you know should be there? i have a mac, so i don't know how to tell you how to search in windows, but i think you should be able to do that fairly easily. anyway, pick an image number that you know you've taken (how about DSC_0001.jpg?!?) and search for that image. again, you may have already tried that. you are a smart girl. :) but i just thought i'd try to help. i was really bummed when i read that you lost all those pictures.

Deborah said...

Okay, I have three things:

1. Love the cars--did you do those yourself?
2. Mike James did our wedding photos AND my parents wedding photos!
3. Gideon's 3-year-old pictures are fabulous. You have an amazing knack and I think you won't have any trouble finding work in the photography arena.